Feedback on my new jewelry site please :-)

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Hi there, I would love some feedback on a new site I have created please (see link below). This has only been live for a week or so and so I'm keen to iron out any kinks early if possible, thanks! 


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I just took a look and have a few recommendations to improve your website conversion.

First, I see that you are offering a discount on your homepage (just below the fold).

I would recommend setting up a welcome popup to showcase that offer even further.

You can set this up to show to first-time visitors and offer your 10% coupon code in exchange for their email address.

This will help you grow your email list and showcase the offer to more visitors (to convert more purchases).

On a similar note, I see that you're offering Free Shipping as well.

I would recommend setting up a free shipping bar.

Not only will this help improve conversion rate, but it's also a great way to increase your average order value.

Those are just a few of my initial thoughts, but I also wanted to share a new tool that we just released yesterday: the Shopify Store Grader.

This free tool will analyze your store in 15 seconds and provide a list of recommended next steps.

Hope this helps!

- Kristina

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Hi @RainbowRowdy 

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendation for your store based on 5 years of providing solutions for about 97.000 active Shopify merchants.

Add favicon to your store

Having a favicon for your store will make your store unique and help customers easily recognize it. You can check this article to know how to add it.

1. Home page

1.1 Make the menu sticky

A sticky menu header helps customers to reach out to the menu and access the menu anytime they want. The menu has a search bar, and making a search bar prominent is very important. This helps customers feel rest assured and they can search anytime when they scroll up or down on the home page.

1.2 Add the CTA button on the hero banner

Rainbow Rowdy 2021-05-27 09-16-51.png

A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store.

With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc. This really helps to increase the conversion rate for your store.

1.3 Add a section to show details of a featured product

You can consult my Jewellery template

Jewelleri – PageFly 2021-05-27 09-21-00.png

1.4 Add testimonial - customer reviews

You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos.

You can use Loox or Yotpo app to review widgets with photos gallery because both of them integrate with PageFly already. 

Or you can show testimonials in a slideshow, let’s consult my Stella template

Stella – PageFly 2020-12-09 09-11-17.png

1.5 Display social media

As usual, social media is one of the effective ways to get more traffic and make a good connection with your customers. By displaying social media such as Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter) and constantly updating the feed.

=> I have a guide on personalizing the Shopify home page, check it if you are interested in it because it provides many tips.

2. Product page

I take this page for example

2.1 Add more images on the real models

With accessories products, it's really important to have human models on the product images.

To approximate the information such as length, overall fit, your store really needs to provide images of the product being worn on a human model because if some of the customers take a lot of time to think about the products on their bodies, they can stop buying and find other websites.

2.2 Provide a comprehensive size guide that includes a measuring guide and conversions

Sites that ship internationally or have significant international traffic should ensure the size chart lists not only physical measurements but conversions to other sizing systems.

If the customers cannot be sure about the appropriate size, they can abandon pursuing the product without access to conversion information.

2.3 Add a customer review section

A review widget is highly recommended on a product page so other customers can see others' feedback. With a review widget, there is a button to encourage customers to leave reviews. As I mentioned above, Loox and Yotpo are good.  

 => What helps you to build your store more easily, especially what helps you to build all options I comment on above is a page builder.

It would be a good choice for you to have professional sites that look incredible on mobile & desktop without any extra coding, and you will have lots more time focusing on marketing strategies, so you can consider checking PageFly.

For more information, you can consider subscribing to our channel “Ecom Learning With PageFly” in which we provide you with actionable insights into building your own eCommerce business, including everything from Business Ideation, Product Research, Brand Building to proven eCommerce Marketing Strategies, Store Design and Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies. The first video about picking winning Dropshipping products in June 2021 is out now!

We're here to help you thrive in the eCommerce world, one video at a time!

If you feel my answer helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


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To answer your question only from the perspective of a female buyer, I think the product details and pictures you provide are too few, and there is no brand LOGO. For the sales of accessories, more renderings or videos worn by models should be more intuitive. You can go to learn more well-made jewelry websites.

I hope you don't get discouraged, come on.


Best regards,


My opinion only represents myself, not the company.
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Dear @RainbowRowdy 

Hope the following suggestions will help you

  • Improve store speed for mobile


  • At header:


  • At footer:


  • Collection page layout needs to improve

  • Product page layout needs to improve

  • Cart page layout needs to improve


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Hello @RainbowRowdy 

I looked into your website it looks great. I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts when first browsing through your online store. I hope that these comments can be somewhat beneficial to you in improving your site performance.

Store Credits : To increase the orders, and make customers to buy the products with rewards and store credits. Registration, subscription, Order credits, Cart Value, Item review, Monthly, Birth day, Referral and many more.

Social login : Its helps customers to login with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Linked in. Which helps to login easily.

CTA: Add Custom Slider(Hero banners) with Call to Action(CTA) in home page.

Customer reviews or Testimonial: It helps to show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews .

You can add the item reviews under product page, Item reviews can help give customers that additional propel they have to confide in your online shop and finish their buy. I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.

I would like refer our Tuecus-Customer Account Page which will helps in improving your website .


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@RainbowRowdy, Congrats on your new store! This is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here are my inputs that you can implement in your store:

Homepage recommended layout - The home page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this, top announcement bar, Slideshow banners, Collection List, Product Recommendations, product reviews, Newsletter sign-up box, Blog Posts, Instagram Feed & footer.

- Add a call to action button in the first fold of the homepage i.e on the banner image.

- Add a brand logo. It will you in branding. 

Add customer engagement tools like a loyalty rewards program, web push notifications, and others. If a customer leaves your store, send them a price drop alert notification with the help of a web push notification. Web push notification helps to bring back customers to your store and helps in reducing the bounce rate. You can send updates and abandoned cart push notifications to bring customers to your store.

Entice customers by giving them loyalty points on activities like sign up, leaving a review, allowing push notification, visiting a store, on birthdays, and more. This will help you to increase the email and push subscribers. You can then run email and push campaigns to reach your customers on the basis of customer behavior. This helps in increasing the conversion and retention rate.

- Add a newsletter sign-up popup with a discount code to entice customers to sign up and get a discount code on their first purchase. This will help you to capture more email addresses so you can target them later on via email campaigns.


If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @RainbowRowdy 

Congratulations on opening your new store. I like the philosophy of your brand and the idea that accessories & color have the ability to transform your customer's mood. In general, the store looks good and simple. However, I've noticed you don’t use e-marketing tools that can help you to increase sales and drive traffic. I would recommend to start applying them to your store and keep working on current features. I hope it'll work for you.

Home Page

  • Add Sticky Menu. Keeping navigation fixed and remaining visible in the same position as the user moves around the website will make your online shop more user-friendly.
  • Install Social Login and implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using a social media account. This feature provides easier access to a customer's account and enables creating an account within one click. No need for complicated passwords and confirmations through personal e-mail. 
  • Include chatbot for providing support. In case of any questions regarding accessories/sizing/delivery, you can easily answer them.
  • You underestimate the power of Instagram. Link your profile on Instagram to your store and turn your profile visitors into customers. I highly recommend taking advantage of that and add Instagram galleries with jewelry and accessories on your homepage. It will drive traffic to your site as well as to your profile. 
  • Add blog page. Since your store has been launched recently, the blog page will make your shop more credible & relatable. Adding the blog will provide new clients with a sense of confidence in their purchases. Also, constantly adding new content will positively impact SEO. 
  • Add more sections to your homepage. For example New Arrivals, Featured Collection, Reviews, Blog, Rewards, etc.

Collection Page

  • I haven't noticed any reviews at your shop. I strongly advise adding testimonials/reviews to products for building customer trust and social proof. Since you've launched the online shop recently, try to collect them through apps, depending on your budget. 
  • Also, I strongly recommend you implementing Rewards/Loyalty system. It will positively impact your results by turning customers into loyal clients as well as increase repeat purchases. A referral program would be a very efficient part of the reward system. Once you got your first clients, try to attract more orders through existing ones. Therefore, I recommend using a referral program in order to give your customers an opportunity of sharing your products with friends and getting rewarded for that.


  • Increase traffic.  SEO your site and promote it through related groups. Keywords and ads will help to promote your website to the top.
  • Add more information in "About us" and "Contact" sections.

For applying mentioned functions above and other useful marketing tools, you can use several apps. However, if you want to get all of them together at a reasonable price, try @Growave. We extend your marketing with powerful tools for photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and UGC. I hope this helps. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

Best Regards,

@Growave Team

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Hi @RainbowRowdy !

I went over your website and it looks great. You have awesome pieces! 

I would add some more product photos on real models to showcase the product's vibe, dimensions, and skin color match.

I know creating such photos from scratch can get pricy, but you can use our app to place your products on our ready-to-use templates (

I created you one as an example (see below).

Let me know if you have any questions (or want any other images with your products placed).

Good luck!

 I placed one of your products on an editrial fashion shoot to showcase the earring on different skin colorsI placed one of your products on an editrial fashion shoot to showcase the earring on different skin colorsproduct_photo_rainbow.jpeg


- Adi

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Hi @RainbowRowdy 

After review of you store, I will advise you to install some social proof apps on the store. Most of the buyers will not buy if they did not found the site authentic. For first time buyer's you have to win their trust and social proof are great way to achieve that.

Also, you have not added any push notification app pan your store.Push notifications have high conversion rate. Most of the visitors just leaves after adding product to cart without purchasing it. Push notifications are great way to remind them of their abandoned cart and nudge them to complete the purchase.

You are really missing out with this core functionality which could easily recover some lost sales for you.

There are plenty of app on appstore which are offering push notification either for free or for very reasonable price.

I will recommend

This one is offering abandoned cart ,back in stock and price drop notification on push and emails. 

If this is helpful please up vote the answer so that other merchants can get benefit from it too

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