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Feedback on my Pet Store.

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Dear Community,

Could I ask for your feedback on my pet store page :  Right now, bounce ration is quite big (over 70%). What would you change, edit ? Is English good ? What about landing page ? What would you add/remove ? Appreciate if you could give me a feedback on:

1) Mobile site,

2) Desktop site.

Very happy to return the favour :). 

Have a great New Year guys.


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Hi Maciej @sidus

I did this quick desktop review of your website, overall, I like the way site is structured and the effort you have put in to get the right language and messaging.

All you really need is a few small things that I have outlined in this video, and a professional email marketing sequence set up (That I specialize in, so happy to help)

Let me know how you like the suggestions and if you have any questions.






Sandeep | Growth Marketing Expert @ Marketing Strategy Labs
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Great Feedback mate, at the moment we just getting setup but we will love to stay in contact. Drop us an email at . 

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Hi @sidus ,

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Landing Page Builder. 

Congrats on your new store. I have just had a look at your store. Your store is pretty. I have just some small things I'd suggest for your Homepage for a better chance of gaining sales. May it help!

1. Make a sticky header

Sticky header helps customers easily access menu navigation although they scroll down or up on your page. Customers can also quickly reach the Search field to find products with a sticky header. 


You should display the header on this place or you can find a way to stick it on the left side. It's better to make this header have different colors when you scroll. You can see an example on our website below.


2. Improve your banner content

The banner is very significant in-hero material. It is the first thing customers see when they visit your website. Let's get consumers to know exactly what you're having in 5 seconds first. That content is hard to see on your banner now.  

RichardNguyen_2-1609388136027.pngOn desktop



On mobile

What should you do?

- Add a premium banner. It makes your site more professional and helps attract the attention of customers 

- Display the products on the banner. As soon as they see your sign, let your customers know what you're selling.

- Besides, as in those pictures above, you should adjust the positioning of your text and button.

3. Rearrange the content and spacing of your homepage

  • On your homepage, I figured out that there are many white spaces between sections. You should consider adjusting them.


  • This product list should be displayed as 2 rows, 3 or 4 products each row. Based on your available products, I recommend you move it to center and 3 products/row like in the image below. Besides, you should set all columns to have an equal height and width.RichardNguyen_5-1609388135159.png
  • Here is another small problem, you should consider checking the width and height of all sections.


4. Classify principal and secondary Call-to-action (CTA) button on your Home page

One crucial thing for an online store's home page is a primary call to action. With this icon, you are going to redirect customers to the page where they most want to take action. This also helps your store to improve its conversion rate. 

I found that you have a few CTA buttons now, we also can add more CTA buttons in the collection list, product list (“View more" or “More detail" buttons), and below your product list (You can add “Buy Now"/”Shop Now" buttons).

Besides, you should define which button is the principal one, which is the secondary one. They should have suitable styles (same color for the same level of CTA). The principal buttons should be the most highlighted on your page.

To build a better Homepage, you also can take a look at our blog here: Personalize Your Homepage

If you find my comments helpful to you, like them or mark this one as a solution. Let me know if you have any questions. I recommend you take a look at our PageFly is a powerful page builder to help merchants to build pages. 

Besides building attractive and powerful pages, you should spend more time focusing on marketing strategies. 

Good luck and have a nice day! Cheers!

PageFly- Advanced Shopify Page Builder - Empowering 100.000+ active merchants.

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Hello @sidus , I hope you are doing well. I have visited your store and really liked it. You have some wonderful elements on your site like order tracking and customer reviews on almost most of the products. However, I have the following suggestions for you:

  • Your cover photo needs to be changed. Although it serves the purpose, it doesn't suit well. Try to find a more professional one.
  • You have posted a lot of product images, which is appreciable, but they are not very appealing to the customers. Since your potential customers can't visit your store physically, the only they make buying decisions is by looking at the product images. That is why product images play a crucial role in any e-Commerce business. Take help from professional image editing services if needed as the images should look professional and attractive at the same time.
  • You have provided descriptions of all product images but they are not convincing enough to make people buy from you. Try to write descriptions that will arouse a sense of necessity for that product to your customers along with the product specifications.
  • The 'About Us' page is missing from your website. People tend to buy more from someone they can relate to. If you share your journey, your goals, and aspirations with your customers through the 'About Us' page, your visitors will be able to connect to you more and will most likely buy from you.
  • You can also add a 'Blog' section where you will enlighten your customers about different aspects of taking care of pets.
  • You will be surprised how much you can benefit from a chatbot. It can collect your necessary customer data, help you analyze which stuffs are trending or in more demand, and overall solve your problems by answering common questions so you won't have to.

Happy Selling and A very Happy New Year to You! Thank you and Best of Luck!

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M, from the Business Development Team of
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Hello @sidus, I hope you are doing good! here are some suggestions:

- Add a section of trending, new, recently viewed products on the home page. To add this you can also install AiTrillion and enable product recommendations. 

- Add reviews on the homepage. 

- Add 'add to cart', 'buy now' buttons below the products. 

Start giving loyalty points on activities like on signing up, allowing for push notifications, follow or share on social media, on birthdays, visiting a store, leaving a review. This will help you to entice your visitors and will also increase the number of push subscribers, reviews, newsletter subscribers. A loyalty program helps in increasing sales and increase the retention rate.

Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

- Add a web push notification. It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It can be sent even when customers are not in your store and bring back the lost customer to your store.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to try out the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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