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Feedback on my site

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Could you please give me your feedback on my website. It is

Looking forward to hearing from you 








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Thanks for your response. What font do you recommend me?
I don’t know the answer to your question. I don’t know where to start in terms of advertising to convert

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Hi @​​MexiT

I'm Richard-  CRO expert at PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. Personally, I very much love your store design and the products look good.  But, here I want to add more details to help you make the store perfect and improve your store speed. Please check out my comments below:

Point 1: Should use Load more instead of Pagination in Collection Page: 

“Pagination” is by far the most popular way of loading new items in the product list — 88% of our benchmarked sites use this loading schema. However, testing has shown that subjects had significant difficulty with the “Pagination” loading schema on both desktop and mobile. 

Basically, there are types of 3 loading schemas used in product lists:

- “Pagination” — where all products in the list are split into separate pages, which are accessed by clicking or tapping links at the end of the list


- “Endless scrolling” — where more products are added to the end of the list when users scroll past a certain point in the list. (This technique usually incorporates “lazy loading”, which defers loading of images outside of the viewport at page load time. Instead, these images are loaded at the moment of need.)

- “Load More” button — where users can click or tap a button to load more products at the end of the list



“Load More” proved to be the loading schema that worked best across desktop and mobile devices, for both category-based product lists and search results. Moreover, when products are separated into separate pages, users can’t compare products in different parts of the list without navigating between pages.

Furthermore, especially on mobile sites, pagination links can be difficult to tap accurately, because they often have small hit areas and are closely spaced

Point 2: About Product Page: 

1. I think all your product descriptions don't provide needed information and is not effective enough: 



You should add more details for it, and to make it better, you should consider some of the following factors like: 

- The language used: Use Power Words That Sell. Jon Morrow at Smart Blogger describes these as “power words.” He has an entire list of words that can help make your product copy more enticing. For example, rather than using words like “nice” or “high-quality”, opt for power words like “stunning” or “sensational”.

- Make it Easy to Scan by Using Both “Bullet Lists” and “Blocks of Text” for Product Descriptions. I see that you don't have bullet points in Product description that makes it unclear. Additionally, core product information should be present in both the blocks of text and the bullet list, bullet lists must have appropriate spacing, and the bullet list and accompanying block of text should be placed near each other.

2. Add review section, as you know, Users heavily depend on user-generated reviews. Without them, many users will not be confident enough to make a decision about a product and will go off-site to look for more information.


Point 3: Provide live chat support on your website

Driving traffic to your website is hard. Making them stay is even harder. Your products may excel, your web design may stand out. But chances are, people are opting out of your site just because your instant support is nowhere to be found. Like any brick-and-mortar store, an online shop can barely function well without a virtual real-time salesman. It’s not the kind of man behind the e-mailbox, who takes hours to respond. Nor the man over the phone, who can only be reached after wading through those infuriating automated phone trees. It must be a live chat agent, who tends to customers’ needs in a jiffy.

Live chat support, therefore, is more favored than other communication channels as phone or email. Customers get prompt answers and stay happy, while store owners gain more leads, close more sales and build more trust with their prospects

Hope all I suggest above can help you that much!

If you feel my answer is helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. 



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