Feedback on my store and Product Catalog

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Hello, I would appreciate feedback on my store, especially concerning the Product Catalog.

I provide tarot consultations in the job/career and relationship niches by Skype videoconference, telephone and email. My store:

Facebook advertising provides my site with many clicks, but I have not generated the volume of sales of consultations/readings I would like.

Of course, if there are any “basic gotta haves” that I am missing, please let me know your thoughts. I have made a number of improvements based on feedback provided on this forum before.

Thank you in advance.

Roland Prevost

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Hi @RolandP 

I like that you have the video introduction for yourself near the very top of your home page. Helps me as a potential customer to feel more confident that I'm dealing with a legitimate person/business with some knowledge of the subject. Overall, the site looks very clean and easy to navigate as well.

A few suggestions I might offer:

  • The Christmas Picture at the top of your home page is cute, but feels off-subject for your business type. It seems like it would belong more on a crafts or home decor site. I would recommend finding or creating an image that is more on-topic. 
  • Like I previously mentioned, the intro video is great near the top of the home page. I also see you have some additional details in writing toward the bottom of the home page. However, it may also help to have an 'About Us' or 'About Me' page linked in your main menu, in which you can embed the video and maybe add some additional details about yourself in writing underneath. Some potential customers may skip the homepage without scrolling down, and go straight to your catalog. Once they are there, they may have questions about who you are, and will likely be looking for some kind of 'About Us' link (most people expect to see it as it is present on most business/commerce sites). 
  • Adding some 'lifestyle' type images may provide a more relatable feel to your site. Perhaps an image or two of you providing an in-person reading to someone, and/or some pictures of you laying out your cards, or posing holding up your cards. You want your potential customers not just to be confident in your ability and knowledge, but to feel that you're relatable as well. I would add these both to your home page as well as your product pages.
  • Your blog post "A Tarot Consultation Can Give You Options" seems like a good start on hooking in potential clients. However, I would definitely expand on it. I would suggest making that article one part of an overall Blog "How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?", add more entries about what Tarot Readings can do for people, and directly link that blog in your main menu.
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Thank you for your feedback! You have given me some good things to consider and ways to adjust my site. Designing a store that covers all the bases is hard, because you can’t know with certainty that people will travel the page the way you intend. 

I have been thinking of more ways to add more content that builds trust. I think that is the key trust and credibility. I think I come across as “knowledgeable” and “credible,” but I need to show more of what makes me “personable” and “relatable.”

Thanks again,



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First off let me say, wow what an interesting product you offer!  This will definitely hit the niche market nicely.   Although I am not a "website developer" I have built and run several websites of my own and I am also a consumer so I am happy to give you some thoughts I have regarding your site.  

Main Page

  • I would restructure the organization of your main page a little into this : 
    • Your Video
      • Its great that you have a video to represent you at the top of the page
    • How Can Tarot Help You? (Are you Feeling Overwhelmed?)
      • This should be at the top of the page, consumers might not get to the bottom of the page to see this and not get the benefit from knowing this before they exit.  
    • Who We Are / Who Am I? (Who is ITC)
    • Book a Consultation (How to Book with ME)
      • this should be after all the information has been given on what type of product you offer.  As a consumer, seeing a "book a consultation" area at the top of a page that I have no idea what the product is will have me looking for the Back button. 
    • Customer Reviews
      • I would finish off strong with great customer reviews.  Its a great way to end a page.  
    • I would also remove "Blog Posts" from the Main page and put it in the Main Menu.  It is unnecessary clutter, if people want to read them they know that "Blog" is in the main menu. 


Product Catalog

  • The Titles for "Written consultations" can be misleading, I would change the $80 version to say just "two questions" not, "one or two" since you already have "one question" covered.  
  • The images you are using to specify the products are all basically the same, image (I know there is different writing on them but from a visual perspective they look the same).  This forces visitors to read the titles without a pre-determined understanding of what the product might be about.  If this were my site, I would find a way to add visual impact with the product images & Thumbnails.  For Example for "Telephone Consultation" you could maybe  put a picture of an old telephone.  Then the user would have a pre-determined sense of that product without reading.


  • You have a great niche product, which can run a little expensive.  Maybe think about creating a Bundle Product?  Like, 1 Telephone reading + 1 written question = 10% off! or Buy one get one.  (just a thought)...people LOVE bundles!
  • I saw in the video you said you have 20 Years of "Corporate Training and development experience".  Is this like "life Coach" type thing?  If so, maybe you could add sessions as a product.  Otherwise, I am not sure how that information in your video will benefit a tarot card reading company.   How does your 20 years in business affect your readings?  Maybe clarify that somehow

Refund Policy

  • Your refund policy seems a bit aggressive.  Consumers will understand that this is a service, so refunds are not possible on services rendered, but having a "no refund" policy like this may deter users from clicking the "proceed to checkout" button.  Perhaps you can word it differently, a little softer and also maybe put in some sort of rescheduling clause and a "no show" clause that gives customer ability to either reschedule or get 50% refund if they don't show up at all (also you may want to specify a grace period for attendance).  As it stands, you may have low conversion rates.  


Well, that's my two cents.  I know going back to redo things on a website just plain sucks, but sounds like you want the best site possible.  Hope this helps.  Good luck

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Hello @RolandP, here is the feedback:

- Keep everything aligned on the homepage.

- Add an attractive banner image on the homepage. Make your store attractive by enhancing its look and feel.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.

- Add a referral program. A referral program can help optimize your sales cycle, help you produce quality leads, and take your marketing efforts up a notch. People are more like to make a purchase when a product/ service is referred by any friend. You can boost your marketing ROI and drive conversions with referral marketing. Also, it builds up your social proof and social currency, develops an engaging way to communicate with customers in multiple channels and hit right on your target market. For implementing this to your store you can install the all in one AiTrillion.

AiTrillion let's you:

  • Use popups to promote your Refer-a-friend program.
  • Give points to customers if they refer your store to friends.
  • Give offers to friends to join through unique discount codes.
  • Create a refer a friend popup widget to promote it. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi, BrandiBrandi,

Thank you for the thoughts! I appreciate the time you took to put them together.
I prefer the way you described it and I have gone back to that (it's more the way I had it set up before I received some feedback that I acted on).  I also figured out how to move the Blog to the top header.. I'm also going to add an "About" link to that top menu section.   🙂
Thank you for the feedback on the Product Catalog -- that is helpful. I'm going to make some adjustments based on your suggestions.
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Good luck!