Feedback on my store I am getting 24-34 visitors a day now with ads

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I just started advertising a little and get 24-34 people a day on my site. I am wondering what I can improve on my site. I got one sale the other day but most people just look. I know I need to get pictures of people with my product.  Otherwise take a browse and let me know what could be improved.



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Hi @dank_shades, I have taken a look at your store, and here are my suggestions hope can help. 

  • Change the color of product price 
  • Change background color of Add to cart button to draw attention
  • Add the trust badge below "More payment options"
  • Add photo to your reviews 

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Hi @dank_shades Just checked out your store. Looks super neat! Must say, I love your store theme. 

Not getting enough sales is a common issue, if it's a newly designed site. And your paid marketing efforts would not pay off if your storefront is not conversion-friendly. Here's my take on what you can improve-

1. Make urs USPs stand out - Your USPs are great and highlighted really well on the homepage. But It could be even better if you could make it look visually appealing rather than adding texts and making it look monotonous. 


2. Add Lifestyle Photos - Rather than having mere product pictures, you can add a bit of human touch with lifestyle photography. Shoppers love it when they see others wearing/using a product in visuals. For example-


3. Highlight Product Features- Your apparel is made of 100% cotton? Why write long copies in the product description? You can simply create product feature cards that highlight the top features of ur product upfront. Example-



Check out apps like ModeMagic which help you make these cards in 3 simple steps- Find Product > Make Design > Go Live 

4. Add trust packs - Shoppers need assurance that the checkout experience is safe and secure. Trust badges are a great way to solve that. This is in addition to the assurance you offer through your customer reviews and testimonials 



Hope these suggestions help 🙂


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I really appreciated your suggestions and added a trust badge still waiting for the app support to add it on all my product pages other then the home page. I also used the product features app. Let me know what you think about it. I am getting lifestyle photos in the next week. Do you like the product feature I put up!  Also What are USP's I think I know what you mean.

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I might revamp my product feature and use the circles above in your example

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Hello, welcome to the Community. Hope you are safe and doing good.


Your store looks nice and here are few suggestions.
1. You should have a Favicon to locate your store easily.
2. The navigation can be improved.
3. The main banner should have a Call to Action (CTA) button with attractive sliders for easy guidance.

4. The featured products can be displayed in a carousel manner for better elegance.
5. The spacing, padding, colors and fonts should be maintained regularly throughout the store. Too much negative space should be avoided.
6. In the collection page, mouse hover second image can be added.
7. A quick view button can be added.
8. Automated Return/Exchange feature

Also, we have certain recommendations of apps to improve your sales:
1. Newsletter Subscription
2. Wishlist
3. Currency converter
4. Language translator

 Do let us know if you find these recommendations helpful.
Have a nice day!

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you need more social proof, give away some glasses in return for some UGC content of people wearing them + their review of the product. that should help convert. 

Landing Page Tips from Nik Sharma this link will highlight everything you can do!

hope it helps! and if you need to improve your product photos, let me know - happy to help

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I just got photos today of someone wearing my shirt and sunglasses. I got the shirt one on the page last image let me know what you think.

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Ok  I will check out these links and I really appreciate reaching out. I used what everyone said and made my site better just want to thank you. I have one more question do you think I should have the model wearing the shirt be the first picture? or the last.

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Hi @dank_shades


Your Shopify store is pretty neat. Try reducing the size of images and play with your store’s elements on the homepage. It might add some spice to it. It’s good that you have visitors. To capture their attention, here’s what you can do -


1. Create multiple manual discounts on the basis of products/collections and send everyone a mail.
2. You can create custom conditions and apply discounts on them.
3. We can help you with putting up the discount code section on the cart page.
4. Customers can enter their respective codes manually and avail of discounts.
5. For free shipping too, you can create manual discounts using tags.
6. Announce that you’re on sale, and create a sense of urgency for discount codes!


Keep coming up with new collections, and discover more ways to showcase your products. Just keep the show running and you will see conversions soon.


Hope it helps.
Thank You,
Team CedCommerce.

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