Feedback on my store please

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some feedback on my store.  I just can't fathom what is going wrong.  We get great sales from time to time, but like today, we had 6 sales within a few hours, then nothing for hours.  loads of add to carts and checkouts but zero purchases.  


We use a bundler app so that customers can get 4 products in a bundle at a discount for example.  We've trialled lots of bundler apps but all with the same results.  For no reason they run quickly one minute and really slow the next.  One of the firms blamed shopify.  I'm certain that this is costing us sales though.  


Any help/constructive criticism on the website would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks,



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Hey, just a heads-up: you didn't include your store link in the post.


We can't help you until we actually see your store!

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sorry, dumb dumb here again! is the store.  many thanks 

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On the Collection Page you cant Click on product Images to get to the product. You have to Click on That small ugly Button, That Looks Luke Zoom with the plus and minus. 

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Thanks Helgej, I'll have a look a that  today.


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Hello Tony,

Love your store!

So, is this your own brand - Meaning, you do food processing and sell it online?

Appreciate your effort.


1.Try to post some customer testimonial videos. I mean, its hard to get it done but certainly helps.

2.You should also make videos about Nutrition benefits from each flavour.


Am sure you will get consistent sales


Good luck



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Many thanks, much obliged.