Feedback on my store (update)

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Hello Shopify Community

I would like some honest feedback about my store. I have done some updating, and I edited my store's design and policy pages as well as my mockup images. My shop sells wall art décor. My social media pages are still not publish because I have a bit of tweaking to do. I will soon be publishing my social media pages Facebook and Instagram as well. 

Is there time for anyone to look at the following pages and features:

  1. Store Policies
  2. Store Information
  3. Customer Inquiries
  4. Font Choice
  5. Product Description (in product page)

These pages would be right in the Footer of the webpage. 

What do you think about my store's homepage? Do you think it needs some improvement? If so, what areas would that be? 

Would you buy from my shop as a first time customer? 

My store is new, so I can't receive any product reviews until I get my first purchase, which is not until I launch my store in September.

After this feedback, I am looking to hire a marketing agency to advertise my new store for this fall coming up.

Thank you!  Store password: 0123456789

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Sure - it looks great

Page speed score of 58 on mobile

You could lose a lot of customers that way

I'd recommend designing on either dawn (experimental) or on Debut (more secure)