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Feedback on my store (Very Niche Product)

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I am generating some decent traffic into the site, but not seeing optimal conversion rates compared to previous year. We are selling a very niche product, which requires education and convincing for the buyers to convert. In addition, we are currently in the middle of optimizing the website speed.

I'd appreciate some fresh eyes giving me some feedback, especially from a UX standpoint, and some tips to improve our store's conversion rate.


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Dear @rose4mvp 

Hope the following suggestions will help you

  • Improve store speed for mobile


  • Improve ON PAGE SEO
  • Add cart at header
  • Add Custom Slider(Hero banners) with Call to Action


  • Product page layout needs to improve

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I just reviewed your website its amazing. I have noticed a few things that you might consider taking to make your store better.

Logo: For Brand identity, you need a proper logo to represent your business as its missing on your website. It's a basic or important foundation for branding your business.

Front Images: Use good quality featured banner images with call to action button to captivate user attention.

Homepage: Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage layout design. Include trust indicators on the homepage. Homepage content should be strategically decided. You can add ‘Call to action banner’ ‘New arrivals’, ‘Top selling products etc. on the homepage to engage users.

Trust Signals: Show off trust signals and customer testimonials to boost conversion. Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customer's trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision.

Social Media Plugins: Integrating more social plugins on your website to increase traffic. Social media make your business visible and it expands conversion. Its a great way to connect with your new and existing users.

Improve ON Page / OFF Page SEO

Increase your store performance’s speed.



You need to work on your website performance’s speed. Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversion.

In order to Improve website speed we need to:
- Remove unnecessary code on a high priority basis.
- Compressed images or Defer off-screen images.
- Web Pages need to be Minified.
- Reduce JavaScript execution time
- Minimize main-thread work
- Beware of excessive liquid loops
- Decrease thumbnail image size
- Weigh the benefits of installing another app

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve. For more details please check

If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask
Thank You!

I hope my feedback will help you!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Thank you!!!

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Interesting.  I actually know what it is that you are selling. Your pictures are good. However, I find that there is much too much text for me to take in all at once. And I am a native speaker of English and I do about 95% or more shopping on the Internet. So I am used to reading ads.

You have a good color scheme but perhaps with wider margins, and less text you can focus on your product first! Then the story. I'd put those who mentioned you later, but that is just me perhaps

I looked first at your page on my Macbook Air-- though usually I would start with my iphone. 

Your mobile page is much better and not as busy as your website on my Mac. I have an Iphone 12 Pro with the bigger but not biggest screen. So it automatically breaks the page for me. But on my MacBook, I will tell you that I don't know where to look. 

For me the page is speedy, but I have a business line. 

I just think the site is too busy on a desktop. 

Good luck. (Alas