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Looking for a detailed feedback evaluations please.

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Hi @TheStripesInMe 

After checking your Shopify store, PageFly would like to have some feedback:

The sticky header: it should make the header follow the customers when scrolling down your site. So the main menu will always be accessible to customers and help them navigate through your site easier. The search bar is also an important feature that you should have on the header. Showing the full search bar with an input field will make this feature more visible on the header.


Banner: you already have a banner with heading and CTA, you can still improve it by adding more slides to it. Each slide could be about your promotion or your brand.

Product lists: there should be more CTAs like Add-to-Cart or Buy Now button to make the purchase more convenient for customers. Adding the hover effect to the product image, which shows the second image, can display more information about the product.



Featured products: this section can be helpful when you want to boost a product’s sale. You can add a discount with a countdown timer to urge customers to make a purchase.

Testimonials: having this section on the Homepage can be useful to build the credibility of your store. This section can be a reliable source of information for many customers.

Product page

Product images: it is recommended that the product page should show 3 - 5 product images from different angles. And you can take the pictures to prove the origin and the quality of your products. Using too many stock photos would make your store look suspicious.

Color Swatches: the clothes on your products have more than 1 color variant. So you can use the color swatches to improve the customers’ experience when purchasing on your store. It can also increase your store’s professionalism. 



More sections like Refund, Warranty or Shipping policies: showing those information on the product page can prevent customers from going to other pages to find the policies, and make them focus on the customer journey. 

PageFly hopes that the feedback above can be useful for your store. Please Hit Like and mark Solution if you find those feedback helpful.

Good luck with your store!

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