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Hello everyone, 


I have launched my brand back in September and created the website to fit the aesthetic and vision of the brand. I am getting about 50-100 visitors a day and some orders thank god. However i want to see what are better ways to improve the website to convert these people visiting. Any feed back would be amazing!! 


the website is


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Hey @Zeenakotob.


Thanks for reaching out.


Looking into the URL that you have provided, I noticed that you do not have an announcement bar added to your homepage. This is a great way to encourage your customers to make a purchase by letting them know of any free shipping or discounts that you may be offering.


You have a very beautiful store, by the way! I also noticed that the favicon on your online store seems to be displaying very small. I would suggest attempting to resize the image to allow it to display a bit bigger and make it more noticeable to your customers. This can help with business legitimacy in a customers perspective.


Additionally, you can add customer testimonials to your online store homepage to show your customers your reviews. You can use a third-party application like Social Testimonial Slider or Product Reviews & Testimonials to assist you with displaying the reviews.


Let me know what you think.


Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey! Your website is really nice! What kind of template you used? Did you buy this one? I think you have a perfect store in my opinion. I launched my site a couple months ago but I can't take this kind quality. Best.

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Wow.  I can tell no amateur work here.  Very professional and the colors are very soft, warm, and welcoming.  What theme did you use?  What SEO are you using also to bring the traffic?  I opened in September and the traffic only comes when I run an ad with Facebook.  Again, amazing job.

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Thank you for your comments! 

I went ahead and added an announcement bar which has my discounts and sales available! 
I will also update my favicon as recommended. 
I am shopping for a app for reviews I will look at the ones you mentioned! 
Again thank you so much for taking the time to review my website!

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Hello thank you, 
It was my first time building a website, far from perfect but definitely trying! The theme is prestige btw and I am using a marketing company to run ads and using IG boosts as well. These two have helped a lot. If you need any recommendation for Marketing company please message me and I can share! 

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Hi @Zeenakotob,

It's PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App   here and I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts when first browsing through your online store. I hope that these comments can be somewhat beneficial to you in improving your site performance. But first, you can check out this Ultimate Checklist on Best Practices To Optimize Your Conversion Rate.

I/ Homepage

1. Make the Announcement Bar sticky. I understand that you have a very tempting offer to your customers, but you don't want them to ignore them right? A repetitive display of your offer might pique interest from your customers and act as a plus when they're considering purchasing the product.


2. Perhaps having a product image alone would be easier for customers to focus on. For example, when I look at the model, I didn't know the product you were selling, I need to actually check the Product Title for it. So having a clear first Product Image for display and add model images as Secondary Hover Image would be better. 


Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 09.05.48.png

3. Add section about your brand story

A brand story helps customers understand more about your business and also helps your store look more professional. 

II/ Collection Page

1. Add CTA button for Product Lists. CTA buttons serve as a guidance to your customers to know what to do next when browsing through your store.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 09.08.43.png

2. Use Load More instead of Pagination. The majority of the merchants would prefer Pagination but the feature itself poses some difficulties if they want to compare 2 products from 2 pages. 


3. Styling the Product Price to be more prominent. The price should be highly visible and that users don’t have to search for it — it should be visible immediately at a glance on the product page or below the Product Title.


Overall, I think your site is great already, I love the warmth and aesthetic of the site and you must have put a lot of time and effort into this. You can always opt for PageFly Page Builder  to build more customized and high-converting landing page. If you find this comment helpful, please give it a like and mark as solution. Wish you all the best!

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Hi Ollie,
You put forward a lot of professional opinions, which is also very useful to me. I hope you have time to check my brand station.
This is a website that provides coats for dogs. It has been in business for some time.

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hi @Zeenakotob ,

I visited your website. your products and web design are very nice. I like them. But I saw something, this may be helpful to get a higher conversion rate:
- The slide banner with great visuals with your products and the "call to action" button. the slide banner should show the benefits of your products ( you can choose the best sellers to describe), your events, your discounts (Black Friday is coming, right?)



- add realistic product images
- make videos to attract customers and increase time on site
-  Add reviews for each product (some Shopify review apps can help) and a lower price next to the original one or to attract customers (on both the homepage and the product page)



- And don't forget to add JSON LD to your site to display your reviews on Google search by SEO app. (This SEO app I use 1 year:
- SEO: your mobile version is not good. Heading tags, Meta tags, keywords are not optimized. To handle this I usually use the above SEO app.

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Thank you and have a nice work!!!
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Hi @Zeenakotob 

Congrats on your new store! I’m Richard Nguyen- CRO Expert at PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder .I’d like to give you some suggestions, I hope they could help increase conversion rates for your store.

First of all, I have to say that it looks stunning, sleek and fabulous. You have all the quality elements and I have to spend a lot of time digging up dirt on your site. There’re only a few things that I need you can work on to boost your conversion rate.

1. Reduce the size of the sticky header

As a customer, I find the header takes up a big portion of view height, so I would suggest you reduce it.

ELILE 2021-11-24 09-56-24.jpg

2. Make a hero banner slide to promote for BFCM + CTA

The offer in the announcement bar should be more prominent. An oversize banner for Holiday and a CTA is my suggestion.

3. Use swatches to indicate color variations

Without the indicator, it will be very difficult for users scanning the product list to learn that color variants exist. I suggest that you use swatches to indicate the product’s color variations to ensure swatches are large enough to provide users with sufficient visual information.

You can take the screenshot down here for expamle.


Screenshot at Nov 24 09-47-51.png

Without searching for it, I can't tell that this bag has two color options.

3. Add customer reviews

  • Users typically rely on reviews rather than product detail descriptions and other information provided by a site to select a product because they believe reviews are more legitimate and trustworthy. I recommend that you display reviews on your home page and product pages, and star ratings for product lists.
  • You can use third-party reviews apps such as Loox, Yotpo, or, etc. PageFly integrates with these apps.
  • You can also use this guide to choose the finest reviews app for your store. Some of them offer options for pictures feedback.

4. Show Instagram feed on your home page


  • I see that you have a high follower count on your Instagram, you should take advantage of this and bring it on to your homepage. It would be a waste not to showcase them on your site. Customers can follow you on social and this could become a way for marketing besides email subscription. You can consider installing our free plan and using the Instagram element to showcase your Instagram image collection.
  • You can check out our manual on how to do this:

With all the above, I think you’re good to go. You can consider checking PageFly - Free Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat to create a more impressive look for your store to really increase conversion, also please take a look at this guide on how to personalize a Shopify store from PageFly, hope it helps!

If you think my answer was useful, please like and mark it as a solution. Thank you and best of luck!

Richard - PageFly

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