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Feedback on navigation

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Hi can you take 5 minutes out and navigate around our store and provide any feedback please, anyone who does please drop your website and I will return the favour thank you. 

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  overall looks pretty good. Few suggestions:

  1. You have lots of products but the home page was a bit misleading with the search panel for bar and chain. This made me think I could find only bar and chains in the store. I almost ignored other products until I decided to look a bit closer. My suggestion will be to put the most popular products or collections on the home page with pictures.
  2. Should not have too many popups as it annoys the visitors. My point is that user don't have to click several times to get rid of unwanted popups before getting down into the business.
  3. Remove the powered by Shopify button from the footer.

I also noticed that you did not get feedback on your store for several hours.  That could be because when people landed on your home page, they were not sure what kind of store it was. So making it clearer to the end-user what kind of store it is, will be helpful.   

But good design overall and I know you put lots of work into it. Best of wishes and happy selling!

I put my store online two days back. Hope to hear from you about it soon. 



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 As far as the navigation goes, I like it. The look is different on each page and that is very attracting. Seeing the same thing is boring. I like the idea. Good job

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Hi Indra


Many thanks for your great feedback, I have take n it on board and reshuffled a few things and removed the Shopify logo, I will check yours out today.