Feedback on our shop is welcomed and appreciated!

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The Akira Store,

Looking for feedback to optimize our user experience, please and thank you!

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Hi @theakiraconcept , this is Opinew - Product Review App. Here are some comments I would like to add about your store:

The Header: you are using a sticky header which is very good. But you still need a search bar on the header; many customers will want it to search for your product.


The Homepage

  • Banner: your banner sections do not have any headings or CTAs, which is terrible for navigating users. Please consider adding more Headings and CTAs to the banners.


  • The Product list(need improvement): you can add more CTA like Buy Now or Adding to Cart to the product list. The second product image (hover effect on the product image) can be very helpful to provide more information to customers.
  • Testimonials section (should have): if you want to improve your reputation, the testimonials section would be very useful. The social proof content should have a big impact on customers’ decisions.

Your Product page: you don’t have any product pages; when I click on “View Product”, only a modal with product details will show up. It is recommended that you should have your own product page to show and convert better.

  • The product images: your product images look like stock images. You can improve them by taking your own product picture. It can be useful to prove your products’ quality.
  • Review sections (should have): you will want to have this section on your product page. The review section will be useful to collect customers’ opinions and use them to convert other customers. The user-generated content can be the most trustworthy content on your store.
  • Delivery date (should have): most customers will want to check when they can receive the product. So it will be nice to have an estimated shipping date on the product page.

I hope these suggestions can be helpful for your online store. 

Good luck with your store!

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Hi @theakiraconcept,

This is PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendation for your store based on 5 years of providing solutions for over 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

I have just explored your website and I realized some plus points of your website:

  • Having a favicon for your store - which makes your store look unique and professional
  • Having a variety of high-quality images to display on your website

However, I would like to make some suggestions so that your store could have more traffic and the conversion rate is increased accordingly.

First and foremost, you should check your store speed here, and improve which parts now cause low page speed. Per checking, your website score is 37 as you can see in the screenshot below


1. Home page

Having a sticky menu

This helps customers save their time to reach out to the menu whenever they need it

Having a big search bar

This can help your customer easily find out what they are looking for. At present, I do not find any search bar on the header of your page


Having new arrivals/featured products section

The last purpose you want is that the customers purchase something from your store. So why not put the thing right on the homepage? 

Featured image

The featured image should have a CTA button on it. In this case, the CTA button lies separately in a section below the featured image, so it could easily be overlooked, and the conversion rate will be affected then. Thus, I recommend you choose another feature image, not just to show what you are selling but also to make the CTA button outstanding. If you have more than one featured image, the slideshow would be an ideal option I think


About us 

I regard this section as About us, am I right? If so, please add an image about your brand to make it more interesting


CTA buttons

It would be great if you could adjust those buttons to line up in the same row




I highly recommend that this testimonial section should be displayed as a section on the homepage. This helps enhance your brand trustworthiness



If you wanna catch the eye of the customers on your Instagram activities, please put it beyond the footer of the page


2. Product Page


To encourage the customer to buy your products, there are some drawbacks I would like to list as hereby for you to improve:

  • You should put the buttons in the same row as I said above
  • Add the link of the product to the image as well, instead of the button only
  • When clicking on the product, they should jump into the product page. The pop-up box seems to be inconvenient to explore more 
  • Make the price more dominant than the title by using another style for it
  • You should add more images of the product, such as feature callout images, lifestyle images, etc. Most importantly with clothes, you should have images showing products worn by real people
  • Moreover, you should display the ratings and the number of ratings as well under the product name to enhance your brand trust. You can refer to third-party reviews apps such as, Loox, Opinew, etc. PageFly integrates well with these apps. For more details, you can read here 

=> What helps you to build your store more easily, especially what helps you to build all the options I comment on above is a page builder.

It would be a good choice for you to have attractive and powerful pages quickly and you will have lots more time focusing on marketing strategies, so you can consider checking PageFly.

If you feel my answer is helpful, please LIKE it and mark it as a SOLUTION. Let me know if you have any questions. 



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