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Feedback On Store

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Hi everyone,

This is my website: 

This is a new website i created a few months ago. I haven't run any ads yet, I could use some feedback on my website before i jump into the ads. Any feedback would be appreciated. 


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Hi @RegisApex

Some feedback:

  • Add a value proposition above the fold.
  • There is a 60% off sale above the fold + I received a popup for a 15% sale + the "new arrival" (crystal heart necklace) is also on sale even though it's new + at the bottom of the home page there's another sale for 15% off for subscribing. Having so much focus on sales devalues your products/store. (This is psychological.)
  • :Love: the creative pieces section and image.
  • I'd even consider moving the creative pieces section above the fold instead of sales, or even focusing on kings/queens above the fold since that is part of your brand messaging. As a visitor I feel I have a lot more insight from the creative pieces section than the sales section. The imagery and copy resonate more. (When you have a lot of traffic you can A/B test which section, when placed above the fold, drives the best results though.)
  • Love the option to browse by collections.
  • Fantastic product descriptions.
  • Love seeing all the payment options on the product pages.
  • Would provide more than one photo of the product on the product pages, especially of someone wearing it so that potential customers can see what it looks in that context. (Example:
  • About us, do you have team photos/bios you can add to bring life to who is behind your brand?
  • Add a live chat functionality.
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Hi @RegisApex 

It's PageFly Landing Page Builder here and I have been checking your store and I would like to have some feedback on your Homepage if you are interested:

  • Show a full search bar on the header

Consider adding a full search bar on the header, it is useful for your visitors to search the products. The header is already sticky so it will make the search bar feature become always visible to visitors.

  • More CTA button

To show more attractive contents, you can use a list of products and consider adding CTA buttons like Add-to-Cart or Buy Now to your product list to make visitors more engaged with your Homepage. It can be also help customers make the purchase without going to the product page.                                           


  • Change the “hover” effect on your product list

I would suggest adding a hover effect to your product list. Showing the second product image can provide extra information to customers, it can also improve the visual of your store. The zoom in effect you using is not really useful.

  • Featured products:

About the featured product that you using on the product page, you can make it more attractive by:

  1. Add the color swatches.
  2. Show more information about the product in the product description.
  3. Using a countdown timer to add more urgency.



  • A sticky announcement bar

The announcement bar is an effective way to catch your visitor’s attention since it’s one of some first elements they see when they land on your website. You can use it to show your free shipping offer, sale, new arrival, or other promotion.

  • Testimonials section

This section is very helpful to improve your store’s reputation. Many customers will look for others’ opinions and reviews, it is like the best source of information for them.

I hope that these comments can be somewhat beneficial to you in improving your site performance. You can give it “Like” or mark it as the solution to let me know if this is helpful for you. 


If you find it helpful, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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Thank you for this detailed feedback, I truly appreciate it! 


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Thank you for taking the time to write this! This feedback means a lot I truly appreciate it.