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I launched my store last month and am completely brand new to all this. I would really appreciate any feedback.  I am also getting alot of traffic but few (4) sales .

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Hey there,  @Tamidee!  

Congrats on launching the new store! Don’t worry about being brand new; we were all in your shoes at one time or another. You’ll get plenty of great advice here.

First, the easy fixes:

  • Add a favicon
  • Make sure your announcement bar is linked 

Let’s start on the homepage

  • Logo: I would increase the size of your logo; it’s really hard to read at its current size
  • Hero image: You need a CTA button
  • Ads: This is a huge turnoff for me. As I scrolled through your site, I found countless ads. I found three large ads on your homepage alone, not to mention the “Partner Products” plugin. That’s a lot of external focus, and it takes away from the experience.
  • Overall layout: The layout of your store makes it hard to use. Most of the “prime homepage real estate” is focused on building your brand and talking about why the TamiDee Boutique is the place to buy clothes. That should reside in an About Us page rather than the homepage; your visitors want to see your products!
  • “In Store” - this is confusing to me. It’s not linked, so they are just static features. At first I thought you had a brick and mortar store, but then I re-read you’re an online retail store. Personally, I would remove this. I would jump right into your collections after your hero image; don’t mess with the featured products. Show them your collections and go from there.
  • In general, I would suggest using heatmaps (to see where people click and how far they scroll) to evaluate how visitors use your homepage. What information are they seeing? What information do they miss? Where are they clicking?  


  • Limit your email addresses to one; it’s frustrating as a customer to have to pick the right one. If someone has a question, which one do they contact? Pick one and go from there.
  • Run a poll asking your customers for their preferred payment methods; you may be losing sales by only accepting PayPal. 
  • I would immediately stop using your ads plugin. It’s on all of your pages, including your policy pages. This is what I saw from your Shipping Policy page. Between the ad and the two pop-ups, I would imagine some customers are chased off. 



Main Navigation

  • I usually like simple navigation, but I would urge you to expand yours. You don’t need to feature all of your collections. I would take your top 4-5 and feature them. 
  • Use heatmaps to evaluate what people think of your collections. You may be able to start to refine your collections. For example, you may find that no one is interested in your Kids Collection or Human Hair. If that’s the case, you can remove those collections and focus on what your visitors do want.
  • Watch a few session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to watch how your visitors are interacting and moving around your store. Where do they click? How do they scroll? Are they confused, or are they finding their products quickly?

Collection Pages

  • We need to talk about impressions. If someone makes it to a collection page, here’s a sample of what they see:


  • Even though they are on a collection page, they don’t see the products. I would remove the shipping information on this page and the ad.
  • You desperately need a way to filter the products. You have 47 products in this collection, and there’s no way to filter through them. I would add in filters for length, material, color, fit, rating, style, etc. Think of what your visitors would want to know before buying a product.

Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the Adogirl Long Maxi Dress.

  • You did a great job adding a link to the Shipping Policy page. That’s the information I’m talking about!
  • Landing on the product page is pretty overwhelming. Again, the pop-ups and ads take away from the experience:



  • If you get a lot of questions about sizing charts, you will want to highlight it differently. You don’t have so many product images that it buriest the sizing chart, but it may be hard for some visitors to find it. Speaking of sizing charts, make sure it’s easy to read - this one was a little small to read. 
  • Remove the “ships from” field - there was only one option.
  • Remove the “checkout securely” feature - you only have one way to checkout, so it’s just reiterating it multiple times.
  • You need to write a description than just use the dropshipping details. A lot of this information isn’t helpful to the visitor, such as the age or the season. 
  • Reviews! Offer a place for reviews and encourage customers to leave reviews. Include a review invitation in your post purchase confirmation emails. 

You have a great start here! You are getting traffic and a few sales, and that is a wonderful start. With visitor behavior, you’ll be able to make changes that result in happier customers and more sales. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps - good luck! 

Cheers - Danny

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