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Hello All,
So I recently created a store about a month now and started running advertisements through facebook. In all honesty, I haven’t seen much success for my site with the amount of money I’ve spent through my ads. I'm getting foot traffic, with my website almost reaching 1000 sessions within the past 3 weeks now. Not only that, I have been struggling with facebook ads for the past few weeks now. I have been spending a crazy amount of money, but haven't been seeing the success I believe I should. I would love some feedback on how I can find success in my ads and any changes I should make to my overall shop. Thank you all in advance.
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Hey @Chiboy16,

Sorry to hear, that has to be super discouraging. It's a common misconception to label high amounts of traffic as success. Ads are only successful if you are getting a return on your investment. When you get high traffic and no sales it either means you are getting the wrong kind of traffic (not your target audience) or there is something within your store that is turning people away (product prices, shipping time, shipping cost, a site error etc.). We recently released a 2021 Shopify Ad Strategy video that I'd recommend giving a watch:

As for your product pages, I find them a little confusing. Your measurements are in cm currently, for the way the rugs look in the photos, they look on the larger size so I'd recommend using inches at the minimum and ft for the larger rugs. You also have a disclaimer at the bottom which is a little unsettling. 2-6 inches a big difference, if I received a rug that was 6" different than what I ordered, I wouldn't be happy. As a customer, this is going to set off red flags for me.


Another thing I would suggest is because you offer three size variations for each rug, I'd recommend having a different photo for each size so that the visitor can get a visual of what the different sizes look like. 


The other thing that is confusing is that the price is shown as $18 (which for a rug of that size doesn't seem right) but then when you go to checkout, it shows as $73.


Another thing I noticed at checkout is that there is no estimated time of delivery (your Shipping Info page also does not give any sort of estimation). You might think longer shipping times would turn people off - and maybe it will for some, but long-term, you want happy customers and it's better to just say up front, "hey, this could take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive" rather than not giving a shipping time and then getting an email 2 weeks later from an unhappy customer wondering where their package is.

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like talk to us 1-1, we offer sessions where take a look at your store, identify the greatest issues holding you back, then provide solutions and advice. You can email us at for more information.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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Thank you so much for your reply.

As for the video I will definitely watch and digest the information. I've been getting subscribers and a few purchases, but it just doesn't add up to how much I am paying for ads that why I felt discouraged.

As for sizing, I will definitely look to change it to make it an easier representation for someone to picture how big the rug may be. I was contemplating about changing it but left it at cm so I would not get confused with my supplier, since this is a dropshipping site. 

As for the pricing, that is coming from your end and may be a glitch. I went to check and everything is fine from my end. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 2.10.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-03-22 at 2.10.37 PM.png


As for shipping estimates and everything, I added it to FAQS for a reason. But for that I will move that info over to the shipping info as well. 


I will be reaching out to get 1 to 1 conversation to discuss potential options that can help my store.