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Hello all,

We have had this Shopify store open for almost a year but we haven't made many sales. 

We use Google Ads and social media, which drive traffic, but not many conversions.

I would really love it if anybody could take a moment to visit our store and let me know how we can improve it.

Any feedback is appreciated.

the URL is:


Thank you!

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Hey there, @BCL!  

you have a great start to a store here. I like the work you’ve put into it, and it shows.

Let’s start by talking about traffic. When you get traffic but no conversions, I look at two things:

  1. Are you attracting the right traffic? If you use visitor behavior, especially session recordings (to watch each visitor) and heatmaps (to see where people click), you can filter to specific sources/campaigns to see how the traffic is engaging with your site (or not). You can isolate areas that are causing some friction.
  2. Is there a conversion pain point? You mentioned that you didn’t have many conversions, but are people adding anything to their carts? If you have a high cart abandonment rate, you will want to look at different areas of the sales funnel than if your conversions are just low.

Let’s dive into your website.


  • I would test out a more traditional linked hero image with a CTA. I don’t mind jumping into products, but your audience may benefit from a related hero image. You don’t need to feature each product; one hero image is sufficient. I would do some A/B tests to see which one gets more clicks/engagement and ultimately results in more conversions.
  • Remain consistent here. Your collections differ dramatically. Warehouse labels, Safe Delivery Labels and Floor Decals are labeled with an image. Thermal transfer labels, ribbons and Zebra ribbons all are icons with a different label. Keep it consistent.



  • Your homepage is pretty condensed, which can be helpful for your visitors. A scroll heatmap can tell you for sure. 
  • I would nix “Featured Products” and instead highlight “Trending Products” or something of the like.


  • Make sure your email address is linked. For example, your Contact Us includes your email address that is not linked.
  • Anticipate questions from your buyers. If you see a lot of international traffic, include mention of international shipping in your shipping policy. Include details that would help your traffic make that decision to buy.


  • Since you have such a unique niche, live chat would be helpful. If you’re available to chat, your customers will be able to get answers from you while they are still on your site.
  • You could even ask someone to chat through an auto invite. You set the parameters (i.e., lingering on a page for more than 45 seconds), and the chat invitation will trigger automatically. It can help you target visitors who are having issues. 


  • Make sure there’s a way to stop all products
  • I noticed that your navigation doesn’t match your collections. I would make sure they match. For example, floor decals are only available on your homepage.
  • Watch session recordings to see how people are navigating across your store. You may find that they are ignoring certain areas completely and moving in a different way than you originally intended.

Collection Pages
For reference, I’m on the Warehouse Labels page. 

  • You don’t need to include this statement at the very top of your page: “All warehouse labels only $12.00! Premium quality, order today!” It takes up valuable space, and it’s not necessary.
  • I would reuse your collection image header here. You may not even need one. I would show one of these products on a box as a photo if you must have one rather than a  generic warehouse.


Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the 3" x 4" "DO NOT FORKLIFT" Label page.

  • Include a link to shipping here. If you can estimate shipping costs, it would be even better. It’ll be easier for them to estimate how many they want.
  • Your quantity maxes out at 10. If I need more than 10 rolls of this label, what are my options? There doesn’t appear to be any other options, which may be an issue for your visitors.
  • I would move your quantity and CTA buttons under the price rather than making it into a third column. The eye doesn’t naturally go that far to the right, and it may be missed by some of your visitors.
  • Typically, a good description is gold. However, for your industry and traffic, I think you’re providing enough information for visitors to make a decision. Unlike other industries and niches, you don’t need a flowery description. Your audience doesn’t expect nor want that.

In general, I think you’re almost there. You have a lot of positives going on, and visitor behavior is going to help you find ways that make your store pop. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Thank you for your great feedback, Danny!!

I will process what you have written and evaluate my store.


Hello @BCL  what type of google ads did you use?

Alex with eScraper
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Hi Alex,

We run Expanded text ads and responsive search ads.

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Thank you for the advice Adelia!

I will process all of your great suggestions.