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Hi All, 

This is a feedback request after evaluating my current store, its contents, and the layout and I would highly appreciate your feedback so that I can improve on the layout, I am live for 11 days today and I am not sure how it will look in the eye of a customer, will greatly appreciate your kind feedback.


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Hello @thecornerstone, At home page The Chat with Us button at the bottom right side overlaps with the Back to Top button. On page "opulence" there is a dummy content of rich text is there. 


In this product 14K (58.5%) SOLID GOLD ear studs look below elements having inline CSS in the description of that product. The text having background color of white which looks not good.

Screenshot from 2024-06-10 17-52-24.png

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Hi @thecornerstone  I'm Garcia from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. Generally, I love your store’s design, it looks classic but professional. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Homepage

  • Resize the sticky header

It's great when you have a sticky header which makes it more convenient for your visitors to navigate around the site.


Another thing you might care about is that the sticky header with the current logo might take significant space while scrolling. So I would like to suggest that you reduce the white soacing on top a=nd vobottom to save more space to showcase the products.


  • Adjust the countdown timer

In general, having a tight deadline has a more significant impact on your conversion rate. It is because the more time you give people to make a decision, the more likely they are to put it off as they know they have plenty of time to do it.



For a limited-time sale, this type of countdown time usually runs for 1 to 7 days. This duration allows customers to have enough time to browse through the offers and make a final decision.


  • Highlight CTA buttons

To optimize your call-to-action (CTA) buttons for maximum effectiveness, it's crucial to use bright and striking colors that contrast well with your text. White and black are reliable choices for text visibility. Popular CTA button colors include blue, yellow, orange, and black, but the key is to select hues that align with your brand.

Here is an example of the CTA buttons that do not look good as it lacks the background color to be more visually appealing.


  • Text display

It’s more reasonable to bold the heading only. If you bold both heading and paragraph like this, the customer might not know which text they should pay attention to.



  • Change testimonial layout

With all testimonials are placed in a row and each testimonial is designed to be inside a slide, I bet your store outlook would become much more professional



  • Add Instagram feed to your homepage

Your Instagram content adds a fresh feel to your website by showing you’re active online and interacting with your customers.

Here is a demonstration of it:



2. Product page

  • Recheck color swatch

Product color swatches enhance conversion rate by reducing the number of clicks for customers to find the product they want. The shorter and easier a customer's path to the desired product is, the more likely they will make a purchase.



Currently, the color swatch does not work. You should check this because it might negatively affect the customer experience then your sales.


  • Invest on product media
    You should give customers as close to an “in-store” experience with the product as possible by adding large multi-angle, detailed photos as well as a video of product in use. As long as your customers can get a full view of your product, the more willing they are to make a purchase.



  • Display value propositions

Display the key product benefits and deep dive on product details to answer customer’s logical questions. For instance:




And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.



Garcia | PageFly Team


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Hi @thecornerstone,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ App


Congrats on your store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. However, I have some comments to make the good get even better. Here are some of my recommendations for better customer experience, please kindly check.


1. Add a Favicon Image


A favicon image is a small icon that appears in the browser tab. It helps users quickly identify and return to your site among multiple open tabs. Adding a favicon increases your store's professional look and enhances brand recognition.


Here is an example for you: 




2. Consider Using Another Font


The current font may be hard to read and can distract users. Opting for a more professional, cleaner font can improve readability and ensure users focus on your content.


3. Revise the Hero Banner Title and Description


The current title and description are quite generic. Consider making them more appealing and informative about your offerings and unique selling points. This change can immediately capture user interest and communicate your store's value proposition.


You can follow this example: 




4. Introduce a Product Collection Section


Displaying all products on the homepage can be overwhelming. Instead, create a product collection section with a clear call-to-action (CTA) button that links to specific collections. This layout will help users easily understand your product offerings at a glance.


You can use this layout from your store: 




5. Group Sections into a Product Benefits Section


Revamp and organize sections into a dedicated product benefits section. This approach will clarify the purpose of each section, attract user attention, and encourage them to explore more of your website.


These are the sections I mention: 


Fashion, the felling section




This section: 




These sections: 




6. Add an About Us Section


Include a brief introduction about you and your store on the homepage with a CTA button linking to a detailed About Us page. This addition will help users quickly learn about your brand and build a connection, encouraging them to stay longer on your site.


7. Remove Redundant Sections


Consider removing sections that are redundant both on the homepage and the collection page to streamline the user experience.


These are the sections I mention: 


This section only shows images, which may confuse customers about its purpose.




You shouldn't display a product in the homepage. 




8. Optimize the Reviews Section


Change the layout to present reviews in a single line to avoid distractions. Ensure all product images in the reviews are visible to build trust and credibility.


You can follow this example: 




9. Enhance the Sales Promotion Banner


Revamp the sales promotion banner to make it more visually appealing and compelling. A well-designed banner can attract customers' attention and encourage them to make purchases.


10. Improve the Footer


Revise the footer to include a site map for easy navigation and your store information, ensuring users recognize your store as legitimate and trustworthy.


You can follow this example: 




11. Organize Product Images in a Slider on Product Details Page


Implement a slider for product images to prevent users from intensive scrolling. This change will make it easier for customers to view all images seamlessly.


12. Section Product Descriptions


Divide product descriptions into clear sections to allow users to find the information they need without unnecessary distractions. Include detailed product specifications such as sizing, materials, etc., to boost customer confidence.


Here is an example for you: 




13. Add a Contact Us Form and FAQ Page


Include a contact form on your Contacts page for an alternative communication method. Adding an FAQ page can address common customer questions, enhancing their overall experience.


To address this, I recommend using MooseDesk, an app for creating unique FAQ pages for your customers. Besides helping you creating your FAQ and Contact us page, we also provide a helpdesk/ticketing system for your customer support. 


Here are some of our templates: 


FAQ page: 




Contact us page: 




The best part is that we offer various customization choices so you can customize and match with your store's aesthetics. 


Since our app is now available for free, all current users will be considered as early-bird users and get to enjoy all our current features for free forever!


As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered, please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


Thank you, 

MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ app


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