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I would like some feedback on my store I’m getting more traffic just not a lot of buyers 

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Dear @Evaralph1 

Hope the following suggestions will help you

  • Add favicon and us enin text logo
  • Use only one menu: For desktop use horizontal menu and for mobile use verticle menu
  • Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust - Make your store well-organized, neat and visually appealing and add to the user experience.
  • At footer:


  • Collection page layout needs to improve

  • Product page layout needs to improve

Example of cart page:


  • Improve ON PAGE SEO 
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Hi @Evaralph1 ,

This is PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. I would love to share my thought for your store based on 5 years of providing solutions for over 100.000 active Shopify merchants and hope that my sharing will help you improve your store performance. 

Since your store has more customers but not more sales, I suggest placing design focus on the collection page and product page, since this is where the customers about to buy your products.

For the collection page, I suggest placing the product name and price below the product image on the desktop version. Moreover, I also suggest display 3 products per row and make the image larger (2:3 aspect ratio). Your products are beautiful, let make them more attractive to the user. 

For the product page, I recommend adding more images to showcase your products. 


The Add to cart button and Buy Now  are really hard to spot on for the first time, consider making it more appealing. You can move these buttons higher, replacing the social media icon.


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Hi @Evaralph1!

Here's some feedback for your store. 


  • Add a unique unique value proposition above the fold. 

    “A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. It’s also the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button. On your site, your value proposition is the main thing you need to test—if you get it right, it will be a huge boost.”

Resources for value prop design

Value proposition worksheet
Value Proposition Design book

  • Update the second image to one that is more high-resolution. The one in the screenshot below looks grainy.

    Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 9.57.23 AM.png

  • Add a live chat functionality.

  • Improve readability by not capitalizing every word in a header.

  • Update the copy in each section so that it's more unique to that section. For example, under all three sections: "Take bedroom fun to the next level," "Eve's Seduction," and "Sex Never Felt Better" the phrase "everything you need" is used. Instead of "everything you need" get more specific about what's available within those collections. Also add a few more creative sentences to each section that only apply to those sections. (Be sure to stay away from generic descriptions.) 

Product pages

For example: on this product page on David's Teas for raspberry mojitos, the storytelling on the page is: "Is there any way to improve on fresh mint and tangy lime? Just add raspberries! Our juicy Raspberry Mojito iced tea is about to become your new go-to drink. It’s a bright pink tisane that’s fruity, minty and utterly refreshing. Served over ice with a splash of rum, this caffeine-free infusion tastes like a summer afternoon on a sunny Havana patio. In short, pure heaven."

Joanna Wiebe and Alaura Weaver share 11 storytelling elements:

A relatable protagonist/hero (your target customer)
A world (the emotional motivators)
A call to adventure (goal or problem to solve)
The stakes/refusal of the call (nightmare scenario)
A helper (your brand)
A magical item (your offer)
Crossing the first threshold (CTA)
The belly of the whale (onboarding/lead nurturing)
Road of trials (split-testing)
The happily ever after (future pacing)
The return (testimonials & brand advocacy)

  • Gather and share more social proof in the form of product video reviews written reviews, and photos from customers.

More than 50% of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which brand or product to buy (Google).
67% of shoppers turn to video at least once before making a purchase (Moz).

  • Consider offering free shipping on all products and just work shipping into product pricing. 

In a survey by Walker Sands Communications, 90% of people said that having an order ship for free is the biggest incentive to add more to their cart, while another survey found up to 74% of shoppers will abandon their cart if delivery fees are too high. More on that here.

  • Ensure that you don't display any products that are sold out unless customers can share their e-mail address to be notified when the item will be back in stock. According to Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. 
  • Ensure all photographs of products are in high-resolution.

  • Also ensure that products are shown in context. For example, a t-shirt store would provide photography of people actually wearing their shirts instead of photography of just the shirts.

  • The Cindy bodysuit lingerie in shown in context, with a woman wearing the lingerie to show what it would look like, but there should be more than one photograph of all products.

Create an “About Us” page: 

Social media

  • If you haven't: create a unique hashtag and encourage customers to use it and tag your store on Instagram, etc.


  • Ensure that your website meets the standards on Google Search Central.
  • For on-page SEO, add original, creative content to your home page and product pages.
  • For off-page SEO, get backlinks via partnerships, guest blogging, communities, social media.

Moz details Google SEO tips for 2021

  • Favicon optimization
  • Breadcrumb optimization
  • Meta descriptions
  • Numbers in titles
  • <title> boilerplate
  • FAQ and how-to schema
  • Relaunch top content
  • Increase internal linking
  • Update old content with new links
  • Remove unnecessary links
  • Mobile link parity audit
  • Invest in long-form content
  • Use more headers
  • Leverage topic clusters
  • Bring content out of tabs
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Limit sitemaps to 10,000
  • Leverage dynamic sitemaps
  • Passive link acquisition
  • Page-level link intersect
  • Be the last click

Also, I shared 21 e-commerce trends for 2021 in the Shopify community in case you also want to check that out.

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