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 I have had 3 paid website designers work on my site and one from a supplier put all there products on my site, so thats a total of 4 website designers that have worked on my site! Now my site is the supply theme and i have approximately 50k products at this time and I'm about to add another 30 to 40k more, i have been on this  for a year now not even open yet. They say the best is yet to come:)

  I just supposedly hired another designer, his work looks great but after a week he has done nothing, what is it with web designers? I wish I hadn't failed computer 101 back in 1977! Oh I have spoke to many, some $180 an hour some will do 20 products for 2k, I'm sure a lot of you have been through this! I'm just looking for the right one who will get it done now not 3 weeks from now. It doesn't take a year to build a website. Doesn't anybody do what they say they are gonna do nowadays, and they are even getting paid! I've tried Shopify experts Blah, had some success with Upwork but thats hit or miss, this is like politics you have to vet them before you hire them, just looking at there work and referrals mean nothing! Okay done ranting does anyone know someone that can finish. I need a finisher!

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Hi @specialoutdoor 

I am Vinod from Bombay India providing professional website design and development Google ads Bing ads Conversion Rate optimization and email marketing services to clients across globe. 

What kind of work is pending? 

Let me know if I can serve you. If I will not be able I will straight forward say that's not my cup of tea. 

Thank you



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I am soo sorry to hear about your getting ripped off so much 😞  I have been there.. but as a developer!! I work for myself and have been in the IT field (all aspects) for nearly 40 years. I will help you (guide actually) until you get up2speed. At that point we can discuss any further mutual projects that we can both benefit from financially.


secondcomingtechnologies at fastmail dot com.