First post.....Please help me find my site weak points!

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for stopping to read my post.
I have had my shop for 6 years and have always done well.
This year due to market saturation in my niche I've been struggling for the first time.

I re-vamped my website this year with the help of a government funded program. But it seems to have made it worse not better.

If I could get some eyes on my site to maybe see what I am not seeing I would really appreciate it!


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Hi @thewooshop 

Thanks for sharing! 

I see you have done a good job revamping this one. It's looking pretty good and up to date. I like how easy it is to navigate through your store from the homepage to check out - I checked out your blog section and everything is looking good!

Here are some suggestions that can improve the store user experience

1. Make the product grid responsive on mobile - I browsed through the store on mobile and on the collection pages, part of the second product in each row is now displaying properly.


2. Engage with your customers and visitors - I will suggest adding a Live chat, you want to reach out to your visitors and show that you're ready to answer any question they might have. If you added a Live chat that launched after 60 seconds of someone landing on your store that asks, “How can I help you today?”. The idea here is to engage and show your visitors that you're available to answer their questions.

3. On the product page use color/image swatches to display your product variants - This makes it easier for your customers to see all the available variants and also improves the aesthetics of the product page.


4. Show Estimated Delivery Date - Many customers don’t want to wait until checkout to know when they’ll receive their order, and showing the Estimated Delivery Date helps users to estimate when they can expect to receive their order. Add the delivery-date estimate, or delivery-date range, within the product page, it should be close to your "buy" button.

When viewing an estimated delivery day like “Standard Shipping — 4 business days. Get it by Sept 12”, Your customers will have more confidence to make the purchase.

5. I will suggest adding advanced filtering and search app to help your customers quickly search & filter what they need to lower bounce rates and convert more - A lot of merchants are saying that using a filtering system on the collection pages increases their conversion rate. That's why almost all top brands use a filtering and search system in their stores. You can check out the Collection filter and search bar app by Sobooster used by 3000+ brands on Shopify to boost sales.

Hope you get useful ideas from these.


Collins Mbaka
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Collins thank you so much for looking at my shop! It’s been fun tweaking the look of the shop…..but I know I have many things to fix.

You have made some awesome suggestions. 

I'm going to 100% put in shipping expectation. And adjust the images and tag the colours like you suggested. 

Thanks so much for your feedback! 
I really do appreciate it. 

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Hi  @thewooshop 

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendation for your store about the store design based on 5 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

So I have just gone through your website and here are some of my thoughts about your store:

Plus point:

  • Overall, your store looks clear and well-designed. You have done a great job build the store
  • You have a sticky navigation bar so it’s easy to navigate through your store

That being said, I would like to give you some suggestions for improvement. Hope you find it valuable.


  • Make the text overlaying images legible

It’s important for an online to make sure that customers can get information from the page as easy and fast as possible. As you can see, the text is kind of blending in with the picture in the screenshot below. Please consider to make some modifications to improve this


  • Add a primary Call To Action

A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store. With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. Our advice is that you should put a CTA in the first banner of your store and make it looks attractive.


  • Add testimonial/ customer review

t’s important to build trust with your visitors when selling online. Testimonials have become a crucial factor when it comes to buying decision. Users often rely on reviews to judge a product besides product detail descriptions and other info given by a site since they consider them more legit and authentic. 

Product page

  • Display a minimum of 6 reviews by default and allow users to submit reviews

As being said above, please add review average for your product and allow customers to leave their reviews as this is crucial to an online business. It also allows you to understand your customers and improve you products

  • Add a Q&A or comment section.

As your products are quite special, many customers might have some question regarding the product. You can try to add a Q&A section to interact with the customer. There are also many Shopify apps that allow you to do this.

Collection Page:

  • Add a secondary hover image 

By presenting secondary hover images, customers can easily scan many products to see extra visual information. That will interest customers and draw more traffic to the collection 

These are some articles that might give you new ideas for your store:

Personalize Your Product Page: 

Personalize Your Homepage:

Above are some of my initial thoughts on your store and I hope you find something helpful. If you are still looking for a tool to build a great website, I hope you can try our product: PageFly Landing Page Builder

If these feedbacks about the homepage and collection page are helpful, please give me a "like". Thank you so much and I hope your business is successful! 





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Hey @thewooshopThis is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. I would love to share my thoughts for your store based on 9 years of experience with Shopify for over 1000's active Shopify merchants and hope that my sharing will help you improve your store performance.

- Add a call to action button on the banner image of the homepage. 

- Add a section of trending and new arrivals products on the homepage. Give product recommendations by personalizing the customer's experience. 

Add customer engagement tools like a loyalty rewards program, web push notifications, and others. If a customer leaves your store, send them a price drop alert notification with the help of a web push notification. Web push notification helps to bring back customers to your store and helps in reducing the bounce rate. You can send updates and abandoned cart push notifications to bring customers to your store.

Entice customers by giving them loyalty points on activities like sign up, leaving a review, allowing push notification, visiting a store, on birthdays, and more. This will help you to increase the email and push subscribers.


To add the above marketing engagement tools to optimize the conversions of your store there are many apps available in the Shopify app store. Instead of installing multiple apps, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion and get all the benefits of marketing features in a single app to drive conversions. 

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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