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I regret to share that my experience with CorgiKingDamn has been extremely disappointing and frustrating. I want to warn others about my encounter to help prevent similar situations.

CorgiKingDamn has proven to be a scam. I paid $359 for an order, but I never received the product. When I reached out to resolve the issue, I was met with disrespect and baseless accusations of being a scammer myself. What a joke! When I requested a refund, I was blocked without any further communication.

I have the order invoice and all the evidence to support my claims. It’s clear to me that CorgiKingDamn operates in a deceitful manner and lacks any sense of professional respect.

Please be extremely cautious if you decide to engage with CorgiKingDamn. I hope my experience serves as a warning to others.

Make sure to keep your evidence handy in case you need to provide it to others or take further action.

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