Frozen Account Shopify And They Won't Email Me Back

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I have been trying to get back into my shopify store for two weeks now- and have not received any help from Shopify. My account was frozen when I missed a $1 payment for my subscription and was asked to verify my account. I have created two ticket numbers and spoken with multiple people online who work for shopify and still NOTHING. I am a small business and am losing so much money with my website down. I have been told multiple times that they should be getting back to me within a few business days and now it has been two weeks. I then tried to create a new store and remade my entire website to find out that I cannot use my domain because it is connected to the frozen account. Because the account is frozen I cannot transfer the domain to my new account. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I am INCREDIBLY disappointed in shopify- as a company that promotes the fact that they are made for small businesses they are hindering my small business IMMENSELY. 


Can someone on the shopify team please help me get back into my account- at least to just get my domain back?


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