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Hey Shopify community!

I've recently launched my online store and would love to hear your feedback. Whether it's about the design, user experience, product offerings, or anything else you think could be improved, your input would be incredibly valuable to me. Don't focus on the text that much as we are still updating it. Please take a moment to check out my store and share your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi @MT27 ,


Here are few of my suggestions:

1. The site is horizontally scrollable.


2. On the product page, the accordain is not working


3. When we add products to the cart, the button disappears.


4. View my cart button is barely visible






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thank you so much! do you know how I can fix number 1?

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also for number 4 how can I change the color..I can't find it in the theme edit

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Hi @MT27 ,


Please create a seperate post for this. I will work on this issue and provide the solution there.

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Morning, @MT27 ,


It's Kate, from the PageFly team. I took a few minutes to browse quickly your page, from branding manager’s opinion, I totally understand the aesthetic is truly more important in clothing industry, especially it also require something unique vibe. However, from the conversion rate optimization expert,  it will be better to combine the user friendly and aesthetic, right? So, I think some prominent areas we can improve to get higher performance measurements, mate. Step by step, I will take note follow each sections orderly:



    • With the Collection option, you should consider displaying it vertically more than horizontally. Since the collections seem to be represented by text ("Hoodies" and "T-shirts"), a vertical layout is better suited for readability.


Hero Banner

  • Adding one among this list: a core value, mission statement, and your logo/brand name to your hero banner can be beneficial. Your logo brand is so impressive, sticky only on the header is not taken full of its advantages. Including it in the hero banner instantly connects viewers to your company. Even if they haven't heard your name before, the logo provides a starting point for brand recognition.
  • The current image is distorted
  • Call-to-action can be added, bear in mind, design it with one format to remain consistency for the whole page. I guess you didn't wanna break the professionality in your page, however, you can design it as

About us

  • Normally, buying clothes, users do not need to put much efforts to double check the another page called “About us”, 76% decísion is made of first ỉmpression more. Just add the one section “about us" in the homepage and have a short description for. A well-written "About Us" section can be captivating and pique visitors' interest, encouraging them to explore your products further.
  • Remember, this is just the first touchpoint.  For users who want to delve deeper, you can still remain a dedicated "About Us" page with a more detailed brand story and information.

Product List

  • Add call to action button

Product Detail

Try to add one product detail section of best seller item. This will display the some main features about the material, quality, price, compared price, your promotion, size.
In Product detail, you can arrange all the element more reasonably

  • Product name
    Sold number, 5-star feedbacks
    Product short description
    Main features
    Size. And add pop up size chart is good idea
    Price, compared price
    Product quantity
    You can use some Bundle app to create bundle to cross sell at this touchpoint also
  • Please consider the font format, and font size of all the text in this.

Instagram Feed

  • I see you put it in the footer, it is totally not good at all. Footers are typically located at the bottom of the page, which is an area that users don't always scroll down to see. This can lead to missed opportunities to engage your audience with your Instagram content.
  • Display it as the testimonial part too, with more pictures as well as content from your instagram
  • Try to use the third party app to build insta page feed, this will create shoppable Instagram feeds. Users can easily click on a product in your Instagram feed and be directed to the product page on your website for purchase. This removes friction from the buying journey. Seeing your Instagram content on your homepage reinforces your brand identity and keeps your social media presence top-of-mind for visitors.

Benefits Bar

    • Display this with horizontal structure is better than vertical with Accordion element like your current one

More additional marketing tips for your business

  • Using an app or customizing the code to have ADD TO WISHLIST FEATURE, combine it with AUTOMATIC ABANDONED CART EMAIL. Abandoned cart emails can be personalized based on the items saved on the wishlist. This allows for targeted promotions or reminders about specific products the user might be interested in.
  • Add ALT text for each image, this also improve the SEO for your page
  • Mother's Day is coming and this is a great opportunity to promote your products. Update your landing page or store with Mother's Day themes to attract customers and enhance their shopping experience.

Overall, Great job on the clean design and easy browsing! To take it a step further, consider adding a short "About Us" section and a featured product on the homepage.  Using vertical layouts for collections might also be helpful. These tweaks can boost your engagement, as well as reduce the interaction cost for your page.


Reply to this thread to discuss more about it, mate. Btw, glad to see ur first step!
Thank you


Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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