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Hello, my brothers, my name is Saad and I work as a sales assistant. I opened the Store Magicstore as a general store in several lists. I try to add more distinguished products, but there are no sales or visits. I ask the specialists to provide me with some advice and assistance to raise the efficiency of my store and make customers trust my brand.
I want specialists to advise me about a better general store or a store that specializes in a particular field. I also need your advice on the type of useful ads that give quick results.

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Hi @samstoke,

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 120.000 active Shopify merchants.

You can refer to this article to get more tips to personalize your e-commerce store. Or this guide to know how to optimize conversion rate for your store.

Firstly, you should your store speed because when I open your website, it loads slowly a bit. You can use Google Speed Insight tool to check and optimize the performance of your site.

I just see your homepage and want to give you some advices. You know, homepage is the most important page to drive your customers' attraction in your store. No matter what the demand is, people are more likely to start their journey from a homepage. 

1. Hero banner

Hero banner is the first thing that visitors will see when they visit your site. This is a simple and straightforward way to instantly captivate visitors. It means a good banner is the one that makes visitors understand which products you are selling in the first 5 seconds they visit your store.

Now when look at your current hero banner, it's hard for me to realize which product you are providing. Additional, you use a slideshow for hero banner but 2/3 slides look the same. In my opinion, you should choose other images that show clearly products of your store, which help captivate visitors' attention and keep them stay longer on your page.

You also can catch attention by informing sale campaigns (free shipping) right on the hero banner.

2. Give information of collections

MagicStore 2021-11-14 15-05-06.png


I know that when I click on each image on this section, I will go to a corresponding collection page. But if you let visitors know the name of each collection, it can make them fell more comfortable when exploring. 

It's also a good idea when you show all collections in your store here. It gives visitors have an overview of kinds of product you are selling. If customers want to buy any product, they can click on the collection of that product.

3. Use pre-order buttons

MagicStore 2021-11-14 15-09-30.png

 It is a not good experience when visitors browse your site and they see many sold-out products. In this case, you can add Pre-order buttons so that visitor can preorder products they want to buy. This helps increase conversion rate on your store, and of course, increase revenue.

4. Show product reviews/ testimonials

People love proof, especially when they visit a store and see many good reviews, they will be willing to shop! So you should add testimonial/product reviews on your store. You can check this guide to know more about its benefits and how to make it effective.

You can consult Stellar template here about displaying testimonials:


About product reviews, you can find lots of review apps on Shopify such as, Loox, They all work well with PageFly.

If you want more flexibility to personalize your pages, I'd love to introduce our product PageFly Landing Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat. PageFly has a Free plan where you can use all features and create different page types so I hope give us a try.

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Hi Saad,


Congratulations on your new store! I love the overall modern look that you have going on.

I did notice however that your product images have different background colors - and while the colors are mostly neutral, they can be a bit distracting:



Product images with white or transparent backgrounds effectively put the viewer's focus on the product itself and remove the distractions made by the other elements present in the picture.

It also gives consumers a better view of your product while adding to the aesthetic beauty of the website where the product image is embedded.

Let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I would love to help you take your images to the next level using our app called Image Editing On-demand.


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Hi @samstoke ,

Hi, I visited your website. your products and web design are very nice. I like them. But I saw something, this may be helpful to get a higher conversion rate:

- many products are sold out. you should remove them from the homepage until they are back in your warehouse.

- The slide banner with great visuals with your products and the "call to action" button. the slide banner should show the benefits of your products ( you can choose the best sellers to describe), your events, your discounts (Black Friday is coming, right?)



- add realistic product images

- make videos to attract customers and increase time on site

- pop up chat and discount pop up

- Add reviews for each product (some Shopify review apps can help) and discounts to attract customers (on both the homepage and the product page)

- And don't forget to add JSON LD to your site to display your reviews on Google search by SEO app. (This SEO app I use 1 year:

- SEO: your mobile version is not good. Heading tags, Meta tags, keywords are not optimized. To handle this I usually use the above SEO app.

 - One thing I noticed while on your website, was that you have Powered by Shopify in your footer. here is how you can remove that:

Step 1. Navigate to your Online Store > Themes section of your admin.

Step 2. In the Action drop-down menu next to your current theme, select Edit Languages.

Step 3. In the Search Translations bar next to Filter please type in "power".

Step 4. Under Powered by Shopify, in the text bar, just put in a single space. This will erase the Powered by Shopify. In the top right corner, select Save.



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Thank you and have a nice work!!!