Getting site visits but no sales

Getting site visits but no sales

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I am really struggling with my shopify store that I have put so many hours into. I recently did a TikTok ad campaign for the second time, and while I do get a lot of site visits, I get absolutely no conversions. What can I do to improve? My site link is 

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Hi @Battlebuds 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ App


Congrats on your store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this.


However, I do think the store has some problems to convert traffic into sales. Please kindly check my comments below:


1. Homepage


Your homepage features many bespoke images, which is excellent for impressing your customers. However, it lacks pictures of the actual products (the cameras).


As a customer, I wouldn't understand what the store is trying to sell, which could lead me to leave the site without hesitation. I suggest adding sections that showcase the cameras, product options, and more.




2. Attach the product page to navigational menu


Since the product page is the most important page on the store, it should be placed in the navigation menu so customers can easily access it without having to search through the site.




3. Broken page


This button in the Gallery page leads to a 404 page. Please kindly check and fix it




5. Other suggestions for Improvement: 


There are a couple of crucial elements missing from your website:


  • FAQ Page: An FAQ page is essential for explaining frequently asked questions regarding your services, pricing, and collaboration process. This is especially important for a financial service provider.




  • Ticket Widget: Some potential customers might want to send a ticket before scheduling a meeting. A support widget to receive and respond to tickets is essential, as customers in this field often want to explore all their options before committing.



If you're looking for solutions to implement these suggestions, you can try MooseDesk - Helpdesk and FAQ builder app. We offer a robust helpdesk ticket system (with Live Chat coming soon) and an easy tool to build an FAQ page in just 5 minutes.




So those are some of my suggestions for your store as an UX expert. If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


Once again, congratulations on creating such an inviting online store! Keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you the best of luck in the future 

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There's no logo, no About page, no shipping information, no brand messaging or mission, it's not clear what you're selling until you click Shop Now.


The Shop Now button I clicked led to a 404 error page.


Lots to work on. I would start by creating a branding strategy, a nice about page, a professional logo, then test your site thoroughly, then share with people and ask them to tell you what are 3 things that could be improved. This is best done in person, so you can see how they navigate through your site.


Update about the logo: a text only logo may work, but I would also put that logo as the favicon (open a bunch of website tabs and see how they all have icons, whereas yours is blank). Little branding touchpoints like that make a difference in the perceived legitimacy of a site.

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