Getting so many add to carts but very few conversions

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hi guys, can anyone help with this that i am getting traffic from paid marketing from Facebook, getting so many add to cart but very few sales, 
Here is the product page link:
Also what are the different options to get sales and traffic to our store.
Your help will make my living, do support.

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Hi @earthasana ,


I noticed a few things that could help improve your sales:


  • Consistent Discount Display: Ensure that all discounts are consistently aligned on the product page. Currently, it appears as though there's a discrepancy between the discount percentage mentioned and the image shown. Consistency in messaging is key to building trust with customers.



  • Customer Testimonials: If you claim to have 2400 satisfied customers, it's essential to showcase a good portion of them on the product page. This adds credibility and trust, which are crucial for making sales.


  • Unified Message: Make sure there's a single, cohesive message across your entire store. Inconsistencies in messaging can confuse customers and undermine their trust in your brand.




In fact, you can try the Free Shipping Bar from Searchanise Upsell & Marketing. With this bar, you can display an interactive bar with the free shipping threshold at the top of the shop where shoppers can visually see how much they have left to add to their carts to qualify for free shipping.


FSB 1.png


You can also use the power of FOMO to create urgency and increase the chances of a sale with a Countdown Timer Bar. You can create a limited time offer or a countdown to a product launch.




Also, don't forget to fix this bug:




Regarding traffic generation, here are some common strategies:


  • Experiment with Targeted Ads: Try experimenting with targeted ads to reach potential customers more effectively. Consider platforms like Instagram, thematic groups on Facebook, or niche forums for promotion.
  • Try other platforms: Consider running ads on another platform - Instagram. Also, try to promote your products in thematic groups on Facebook, or niche forums.

These are just good practises you can adapt:


  • Seek Feedback from Your Target Audience: Show your website to someone from your target audience and gather feedback on any aspects that might deter them from making a purchase. This firsthand insight can be invaluable.

  • Utilize Session Replay or User Testing: Set up an online service that supports session replay to observe customer interactions in real-time. Alternatively, consider hiring individuals to visit your store and provide feedback on their actions.


Hope it helps.


Best regards,



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Hi Earthasana, 


This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

I second what Upsallies mentioned below and I'd like to add a few more points. 

Are you selling only to India? I see your prices in Rs. but I am located in Japan. Since there's quite a good margin to consider if you sell abroad, maybe consider making your store adapt to different local? Your current offer for free shipping is only within India? 
I am curious to see the location of your abandoned cart customers. 

Another thing to consider is installing a post-purchase survey and asking for customer feedback regarding their shopping experience, mobile experience, and where they are coming from etc. This would be the most direct way you can improve your business. You can award your customers with a coupon for answer the survey and keep them coming back for repeat purchases. 

Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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