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Hello everyone, hope your day is doing great so far!


I recently launched a storefront update and I was willing to see if maybe some of you could give me some feedback about it. There might be some little changes left to be made I am concerned about but I would love to get some critics on my site! Thank you very much.

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Hello @TeCubro,


Welcome to Shopify Community!


First of all, I really appreciate the design of your store. It's visually appealing and easy to navigate. The product images are also great, and I appreciate that you included dimensions in some of them to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.





I also really liked the recipe section on your blog, It gives you opportunity to attract and engage customers, as many people visit websites specifically for recipe ideas. I suggest adding some delicious and easy-to-follow recipes to this section to encourage repeat visits and drive sales.




I also wanted to mention that I really liked the Japo-Stylo banner on your homepage before Japanese teapot. It gives the impression that you are offering high-quality, Japanese-inspired products, which is definitely a selling point for many customers.





Overall, I had a positive experience on your store and will definitely be back. Keep up the great work!


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