Google Shopping suspended for MISREPRESENTATION (?)

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Would highly appreciate a feedback on my store as I've been suspended for "misrepresentation "- Shopify message; "the low quality landing page experiences promoted through your website" Google Adds email. 

I worked with a Google Partner and it looks like I've fixed all the issues, but the suspension has not been lifted. 

I'm suspecting that it might be to do with GMC product feed via Google Shopping App at Shopify. 

Can someone spot anything obvious that I'm blind to, please?

Thank you, 


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Hello there. I can reinstate your Google merchant center account.
I have already reinstated many accounts suspended for misrepresentation. In the attached files you can see a few examples. 
So if you need help contact me or account 1.pngaccount 2.pngaccount 3.pngaccount 5.pngaccount 6.pngexisting account 4.pngnew account 4.png