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Can anyone tell me why in my google merchant center it says that my items are not google approved and how I can fix the errors?? I want to run ads but can't until i fix the errors but I don't know how to fix them. Any suggestions.

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Hi Athenafit!

I happened due to the terms and conditions. I don't know what's the conditions are applied on your Google Merchant center. Can you please let me know about it brifely?

I'm also a services provider for Shopify and solved bundle of issue which are similar with yours.

I can help you!

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To understand the reasons for disapprovals, go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics.


Here you can see what the issues are. And you can learn how to resolve by clicking on the question mark next to the item issue.


Also check if you have no account issues, at the top, you can click on the tab account issues.


If you need further guidance, feel free to ask.

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Hi @athenafit ,
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Once you submit your feed to Google, your products will require approval before they’ll show in any ads. To get approval, products must contain all required attributes and follow Shopping ads policies. 


Products may not get approval if they’re missing a GTIN (UPC), don’t have the correct price, if they’re missing an image, or for a variety of other reasons. If a product isn’t approved, it means that your Google shopping ads won’t be able to run for that specific product. 


Please make sure you don't have any of the issues mentioned above. Thank you!


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Hello @athenafit,

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If the data you provide doesn't match the product information on your website or doesn't comply with the product data specification, these products may be disapproved. Disapproved products will stop showing in Shopping ads and free listings.

You see the list of errors with affected products in the Diagnostics section.

1. Login to your Google Merchant Center account
2. Click on left side "Products" menu
3. Click on "Diagnostics" menu and you can see all item issue

Go through each affected product and fix the issues.

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