Hello my name is Frankie I currently own a fashion store that has over 1k visits but 0 sales,advice?

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I been working on this store for over a month and i have been consistently making improvements, im getting positive results from my Pinterest but 0 sales,  thought that ratio from visits to sales were 1 sale per 100 visits, my store name is fotwear.co.uk

any feedback is appropriated weather its negative or positive.

Ignis Semita
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Hello, I have had a look at your store and here are a few suggestions on how it could be improved.

1) There should be links to the social media accounts of the business at the bottom of the homepage. This would allow customers to stay up to date with happenings in the store through their preferred social media platforms.

2) There should be customer reviews on the homepage. This would help raise the level of interest of customers in the store. 
3) You should show customers what others are doing in the store. This would help motivate them to take actions of their own which in turn would help boost the conversion rate. You can do this by downloading the Show Recent Orders App here https://apps.shopify.com/show-recent-orders 

I wish you and your store the best of luck!