Hello there! I built my socks brand from scratch - Any feedback is really appreciated.

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Hi guys, 

I launched my brand and my website a week ago. I don't have any knowledge of coding so I used Shopify. I've been really happy so far except for a bit of frustration sometimes as I wish I could tweak and modify few things myself but I'm stuck with the theme template. 

I tried my best to keep the website as clear as possible, I'm looking for the long run. I'm not drop shipping so my collection is are pretty small (a total of 10 products).

Website: www.holyhoses.com

Thank you in advance for anything you have to say! I spent a lot of time on it so your feedback could help me a lot. 

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Hello @CrunchyPaprika 

Hope you are doing good. I went through your store and here are few tips which you can work on them.

Firstly, work on the font size. As few content on the header section is hard to see.

Make the Sticky header bit shorten so that rest of the page flows better.

Add Shop Now (CTA) on the Hero banner.

There are no reviews on your products. Add customer review app to increase your sales.

Mention more contact details of your store to look trustworthy.

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Hi @CrunchyPaprika 

This is PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendation for your store based on 4 years of providing solutions for over 80.000 active Shopify merchants.

Your store has some good points:

  • Have a favicon to make your store unique 
  • Have sticky navigation with a dropdown menu
  • Have an announcement bar to show important info about shipping and bundle

However, I have some recommendations:

1. Home page

1.1 Add the CTA button on the banner image

HolyHoses - Socks with character - Made with organic fibers 2021-02-25 09-47-12.png

A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store.

With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc. This really helps to increase the conversion rate for your store.

1.2 Show product images with a real model

You display store's products, it's a good point. However, only showing the socks, it's hard for customers to imagine how they wear. So I highly recommend you should add more product images that there are some models wearing on.

1.3 Display social media

As usual, social media is one of the effective ways to get more traffic and make a good connection with your customers. By displaying social media such as Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter) and constantly updating the feed.

You can consult my template for more ideas.

2. Product page

I take this page for example https://holyhoses.com/products/bear

2.1 Add more images of the real models

As I mentioned above, with the clothing products, it's really important to have human models on the product images.

To approximate the information such as length, overall fit, your store really needs to provide images of the product being worn on a human model because if some of the customers take a lot of time to think about how the socks on their foot, they can stop buying and find other websites.

2.2 Add star rating average and number of ratings with customer's reviews and for product

People love proof, they will take action when they see a lot of reviews for a product so I highly recommend you should add rating stars and a section for customers to leave a review. (encourage them to leave).

You can use Loox or Yotpo app to add rating stars because both of them integrate with PageFly already. They also provide a review widget for you. 

What helps you to build your store more easily is a page builder. It would be a good choice for you to have attractive and powerful pages quickly and you will have lots more time focusing on marketing strategies, so you can consider checking PageFly. I also have a post of feedback on good factors of a high-converting store, you can check here


Above are my recommendations for your store and it's really important to customize attractive and unique pages to increase conversion rate. 

If you feel my answer helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


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Hello there,

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm going to work on upgrading all these things!