HELP!!!! Looking for feedback and some help!

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my website is I am looking for feedback good and bad. Also All of my ads get rejected and i don't understand .i mainly try facebook and google. both of them say I violated something. Google says misrepresentation and plus I don't have  GTIN or MPN for any products and if i did that would take me forever to fix. Please help. I'm getting so frustrated with this. I've spent hours upon hours setting my store up and trying to get ads approved. I'm almost to the point of canceling my account altogether and giving up. On top of this , I can't find any us suppliers where the prices are reasonable. They are expensive and can't make money off them. I'm stuck using China and the shipping is beyond slow. HELP!!! please. 



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Hi @daledo523 

Hope you're having a great day! I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

First of all, congratulations on your store.

Some details are unfortunately missing from your shop. Among all the points that need to be corrected or improved there are:

About Us, for customers who want to learn more about your business or your founder story. People like to buy from people. That’s one edge you have over big-box retailers. If your brand is missing that personal element, consider incorporating your story or mission into your homepage or on an About Us page to connect with new visitors and encourage them to give you a shot. 

FAQ, to answer some of the most common questions customers have about your products

- Shipping, so customers know how much they’ll have to pay on top of the price of their purchase

- Why link to a page that no longer exists? I want to talk about, Gift Cards page. Make sure both your header and footer links are working correctly. Test each one to make sure the title matches the page it links to. A broken or incorrect link is an easily fixed mistake that could be hurting your sales.

- Your visual brand does not look professional. It is not consistent. For example, in the screenshot below you have used three different colors that have nothing to do with each other. You should build a strong visual brand identity with consistent colors and fonts.



- Building customer trust when you have zero sales can be challenging, but it’s a necessary step in converting website visitors into customers. Since your visitors can’t get to know you in person, you’ll need to make sure your website is inviting and makes every visitor feel secure.

- You should add a LiveChat (Check out Tidio Live Chat, Shopify Inbox, etc.). Activate the live chat on key pages. Even if your visitors don’t use live chat, just seeing that it’s available can give them that added peace of mind.

Desktop-screenshot (2).png

- Look at your data to see where you're losing shoppers. These data can be found in your Shopify dashboard or through Google Analytics.

- How are visitors scrolling, clicking, and searching your website? This can be done using Hotjar or Lucky Orange, two apps that create recordings of sessions on your website that you can watch as videos. 

- Showcase reviews and personal testimonials. If you don’t have any customer photos or reviews to leverage on your store or in your marketing, consider giving your product to friends, family, or influencers in exchange for user photos or reviews. You can also run a contest or giveaway where entries are based on creating content that you can share.

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