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I think my website looks pretty good, I have a good product, everything should be good but I have 0 sales! I haven’t done marketing yet so I know that’d the biggest thing but I’m still getting about 500-700 visits without any marketing as I’ve been making small adjustments trying to be perfect before marketing. I’m trying to maximize my conversion and at least make all the money back I’ve spent getting this started! It’s my first Shopify store but I can honestly say I feel somewhat confident and knowledgeable on the topic and I feel for my first time this store has real potential. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Description on Product Page
I know the one thing I need someone to teach me is how to either make my product description on the product page go horizontally and not vertically because right now it’s just text and images stacked on top on top of each other so the customer has a scroll a bunch to read the description or product reviews. If I can’t do this I need to figure how to move my product reviews up. My reviews and description under my product images and the reviews are on the bottom left hand side and my description is the top left of the page so if I brought the reviews higher up it was also make it look more professional.

My website speed is another thing I know needs work but as of now that is being fixed by an expert. I just today added a shipping estimation which I think was huge because before there was literally nothing about shipping which definitely could’ve scared people away. 

One thing my analytics show is that probably about 90% of people go to homepage when visiting. I am working on changing the landing page to the product page to take less time from the customer and just put them straight on my product and make it easier for them. I have two buttons that take them to checkout from the homepage and I think that was also a good idea. My analytics show people are only on my site for half a minute so I know I need to do something about the landing page part because I think that’s where the problem comes from mainly.

Look and Feel
As I mentioned before, I know my site speed isn’t the best but that isn’t being worked on. I feel the look of the site is great and very profession. The site is easy to navigate and only is one product so I don’t think I’m throwing too much at the customer. I also had the price marked down from $56 to $42 to show the customer that they are getting an even better deal than they thought. I have over 30 product reviews on my product page so customers should see that and think they are buying from a reputable source. 


I think I have a great store and have taken a lot of time to put it together and optimize it to its full potential. I’ve had many people review and give me pointed but still nothing is seeming to work. I know when I start to market I’ll have higher traffic but I really just want a higher conversion. High traffic I’m guessing will bring sales before I know I have a good product and the more people, the more likely to get a sale. But I’d much rather have high conversion than high traffic. Thanks you reading, and thank you if you can give any help!



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Hi @

This is Polo from MS Web Designer - TOP Rated Shopify Experts based in Singapore. We would like to provide some recommendations based on our seven years of experience in providing solutions to over 10000 active Shopify merchants.

We have reviewed your store, and some changes can be made to make your store more professional and attract more customers. Here are they:

Design recommendations-

The home page:

  • A favicon is needed to locate your website easily.
  • The main banner should be attractive and have Call to Action (CTA) buttons.


  • The text, fonts, colors, and spacing should be managed properly. Too much white space should be avoided and high-resolution good pictures should be uploaded.
  • USP (unique selling proposition) should be highlighted to gain confidence from the customers.

On-Page SEO-

  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Schema Markup for Home page
  • Sitemap XML Check and Submit at Google Search Console
  • Index home page and other 2 any pages
  • Internal Linking Check
  • Broken Link Check
  • Canonicalization Check
  • Title and Description optimization home page and other 2 any pages
  • 3 keywords optimization for home page and other 2 any pages
  • Content optimization for home page and other 2 any pages 
  • Alt tag optimization for home page and other 2 any pages

Our Apps-


As we checked there were no Terms and Conditions at the checkout. It might create some confusion during the delivery of products. Hence we suggest you install a Free app from the Shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout as it makes it easy for the customer to read your terms and policies and for chaos-free shopping. Voila, a Shopify app adds a highly efficient cart feature, proven to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales. (Shows multiple Discount coupon codes on the cart page)

These were the few suggestions that we think are necessary for your store. If you feel that this comment was helpful, hit a like or mark it as a solution.

MS Web Designer  | Top Rated Shopify Experts in Singapore
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Hi @kyle2001hudson 

Rein here from Shopify. Thanks for making this detailed post, it really sounds like you have identified a lot of what I would normally suggest. Marketing really does help you target your demographic that are most likely to convert so that is for sure my first and foremost recommendation. 

Aside from that I took a look at your store and from how it looks right now I have some advice. The layout is nice, but I assume it is supposed to facilitate images on the left and right sides of the text? If not I would otherwise recommend a more centre aligned focus on the text. Along with the images, I would suggest creating better product images. It might be adviseable to purchase the product yourself (if dropshipping) and create some vanity photos of it in action which would help give some social credit to your store. 

All in all it shows there is a lot of care put into the store, but focusing on attracting the clients who are more likely to check out would be the best foot forward. Depending on how you change the site to speed things up, or indeed move people to the product page first will determine the best advice, but for single product stores the best change you give yourself with effort put into images and videos the better conversions will be. 

Thanks, Rein



Rein | Social Care @ Shopify 
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