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Hello. Although there is traffic in our store, we are not able to sell. Could you please evaluate our store from the customer's point of view and tell us our shortcomings? Are we doing something wrong?

People add products to cart but do not pay. Do you think the problem is in the theme, product pages or something else?



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I went to your store and behaved like a customer, and recorded my thoughts


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I have checked through your Store and I must say you need a little work on the store design, also there is a way we can nurture your abandoned cart to make it convert. Then you can work on SEO for your store and I can Guarantee you sales if this is perfectly done...


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You're store is flowing well, you have good quality photos, etc. So it's close to being done. Check for dead links, though. For example, Babydoll is a dead link.

You may want to look into proper SEO meaning all your photos should have a clear description as this will help with organic searches. For example, if you have a photo of a String Slingshot Bikini, you want the actual photo to have that name as well (for example you would name the photos file, String Slingshot Bikini for sale). 

You would need to add full address and contact details for google not to dismiss your store and push the indexing further and further away.  You also need that for Google Ads, if you want to run ads or they may suspend the account. 

Solution Expert (, who help store owners get started and growing, provided a brief standard checklist in a previous post that is helpful to finalise a store ready for marketing:

Functionality recommendations:

1. A quick view or quick add button can be added on the collection pages for a quick access to the product pages.
2. Bread crumb navigation can be present.
3. Mouse hover second effect can be there.
4. The product descriptions can be improved by adding metafields to tidy up the space.
5. Product recommendations can be relative.
6. Product reviews can be added on the collection and product pages.

Appreciate on the Rewards and Chat bot functionality. The Newsletter Subscription is a very ideal step for marketing.
You can use the Instagram feed for depicting the new posts on Instagram.



1) Google Analytics Setup

2) Google Search Console Setup

3) Schema Markup for Home page

4) Sitemap XML Check and Submit at Google Search Console

5) Index home page and other 2 any pages

6) Internal Linking Check

7) Broken Link Check

Canonicalization Check

9) Title and Description optimization home page and other 2 any pages

10) 3 keywords optimization for home page and other 2 any pages

11) Content optimization for home page and other 2 any pages

12) Alt tag optimization for home page and other 2 any page