Help with calculating variant values on in cart

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I am looking for help with calculating the variant values on the shopping cart of my shop. All of my products have assigned Points values, so my customers can redeem their loyalty points towards each purchase. In their shopping cart, I want to show them the total added points of all the items in their cart - ideally, next to the subtotal. Is there a way to do this? Here is the link to my site:


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It depends on how have you assigned values to your variants. If you have used metafields, you can obviously use cart liquid codes, to fine the line item and quantity and relative points.

If you are using an app, the apps generally have a shortcode which can display the desired value. 

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So the way I have my variants set up is through the product information
page, as a custom variant option like Size, Color, and then Points.

Are there any apps you can propose that would be good to look into?
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hi Farewellexchang - I'm curious if you ever found a solution to this. I would like to do the same thing (display point value of cart) and I would also like to show the point value on the product page too. I'm curious if you ever found a workable solution for this?