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I want to put in a new theme as this one is a couple of years old and not sure what to change to so looking for some imput. Here's some guidelines

I like a store front with a lot of personality.

I dont like the boring all white just the product showing type of store.

Store has to be quick and easy for the customers

Needs to have lots of easy to find variables as we have a fairly big shop with over 100 products plus variables.

Drop down menus need to be really obvious (part of why I am changing theme, old theme uses a tiny arrow which many of my customers miss)

Has to have "quick buy" option

Please take a look at my current store and excited to see what people suggest!

Bonus if the theme has ability for customer to reorder past orders. (not sure if that is just an app)


Thank you for your help!~

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Hi @Jody_Webb

Have your store, and I think there are some categories on the Shopify theme store that you can look for your suitable theme.

- Sports and Recreation (just focus on Recreation)

- Other

And some themes I think it's suitable: Empire and Impulse

And about all your requirements, besides themes, you can find some third-party apps to fit your needs. 

Also, I've seen your Instagram account, you can create an Instagram gallery to show your Instagram content to your customers. 

Check this app Shoppable Instagram Gallery, it will help you do that. 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 


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