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Just migrated from Etsy and eBay, which had 250 sales this year. I'm 3 days in, and over $150 bought in social media marketing yet no sales to show for it.


If this was Etsy, I would have had a few sales by now.


Can anyone look over my store, and help me figure out if something isn't right? All and any tips/feedback are welcome and appreciated!




Many Cheers,


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Hi, @MacleodMotorCo 

I just checked your website and your products. I will give you some suggestions based on our experience in serving thousands of stores. I hope it will be helpful to you.

The difference between Shopify and other platforms
If it is on other platforms, the customers’ purchase intention is very high. Therefore, if you place an advertisement and the user comes to the store, it can boost your conversion rate, but it is different in Shopify. When you place an advertisement on social media, the customers may not have the demand yet, so you have to learn to cultivate customers.
However, in the process of advertising, you can set a more precise group of people to achieve the purpose of sales.


website suggestion
I checked the home page and products on your website, but found some small problems, hope it can give you some inspiration.



It is not necessary to put all the products of the store in this position, you should put some products that your store mainly sells.



From my computer screen, the placement of the store's products is not centered, which seems a bit awkward. It's important that you treat this seriously,Although it is a small problem.


marketing advice

Due to the lack of products in the store, customers may not be able to directly convert into the sales, so some marketing strategies are needed, such as obtaining the customeres' email address through pop-up windows, and sending the marketing email to them to achieve the further conversion. 


The example is shown in the picture below:



Although it cost you $150 and didn't achieve the sales, it would be nice to collect a list of customer email. I don't know if you have collected them.


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Best Wish

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Hi thanks for your advice,


The photos you have attached are from our old site version though. I thought I published our new one in fact I’m quite sure we did, since our friends have all seen the new one from our link