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Hello! I am looking for feedback on my dropshipping website please look:

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Hey there, @CoffeeTea!  

Welcome to Shopify! You’ve put a ton of work into your store, and it shows. I appreciate the ability to give feedback!

First impression: There’s a lot going on when you first come to the site. There’s the web push notification, the e-book offer and the live sales notification (that closed before I could screenshot it).


Remember that a first-time visitor isn’t sure they want to buy, not to mention get your notifications and e-book. Instead of assuming that a guest would be interested in that e-book, trigger it to launch when someone engages with your products. 

Note: Your web push notification is overly pushy. I’ve clicked “later” on multiple requests. It doesn’t seem to carry if I go to another page. That’s just annoying! 

Back to the feedback! 


  • Banner: Make sure it’s linked to your products
  • Hero image: Stick with one rather than rotating images. Use a heatmap (to see where people click and scroll) to analyze how people use it. It scrolls rather quickly, and it’s more distracting than helpful. If you use the heatmap to see where people are clicking, you’ll be able to see your most popular hero image option.
  • In general, I would use heatmaps to see where people click across your homepage and how far they scroll. You may want to test moving your collections below the hero image and evaluating how people move across the page.
  • The mission statement: I would reframe it a bit. Promoting it as “ideal for both you and mature people” isn’t the best way to sell your product!


  • Privacy Policy: Link your URLs. 
  • Contact us: Link your email address and remove the phone number field. It’s a common field that has a high abandonment rate. 
  • Shipping: Provide a way to estimate shipping costs and include it in here. 
  • Newsletter: Add more value to your newsletter. Likely it isn’t seen by many, and you haven’t given a reason for someone to give you their email address. Do they get a discount? 

I like that you’ve kept it simple, but you want to evaluate how people use your main navigation. Are there pages they don’t click on, like Track Order or Shipping? As you use heatmaps to see where people click, evaluate what can be kept in the footer and what can be improved. For example, you may want to expand your main navigation to include collections for coffee and tea. 

Session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, will also be helpful here. You’ll be able to see exactly how people make it to your collections and products.

Collection Pages

I see a problem here. I went to your Natural Coffee collection, and there’s no coffee! There’s a milk frothing jug, pour-over coffee maker and a coffee grinder. If I were a visitor, I would be leaving your store empty handed!

Be consistent with how you’re sorting your products. I would expect coffee beans or ground coffee in a collection that says “Natural Coffee.” Make sure your collections make sense. 

Product Pages

For reference, I’m looking at the Glass Pour Over coffee Maker with Wooden Handle. A few things stand out to me:

  • If I don’t buy a product with a filter, where can I get the filter?
  • Get shipping costs in here. Customers don’t like that surprise at checkout. Give them a way to estimate shipping before they go to checkout.
  •  The link for “More Information >” didn’t work for me. It went nowhere.
  • I like that you have reviews, and I especially like that it’s now 100% five-star. That actually gives a ton of legitimacy to your reviews here. 


Promote the expertise you have here. You’re selling products that may be new to some people, but they are interested in using it. For products like the ceramic candle stand tea heater, add a video of it in use.

The best thing to do here is to add a live chat system. You’ll be able to answer the questions your visitors have while they’re still on your site. You can lead them to the right product and address their concerns. It’s win/win for you and your visitors.

Really, visitor behavior is going to make a world of difference. It’ll show you how people use your store and where they are clicking. That will help you make improvements and updates that result in more sales and happier customers. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Thanks Danny! Really helpful tips for me here.