Hey I‘d love to get a Feedback from you !

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Hi, I changed my shop layout pretty often. But i like how it looks now. I didnt find a niche till now. Im about to sell Product for HomeDecor and Houshold. Till then i wanted to know what you think about my Shop 🫣🌼https://seinly.com

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I'd love to take a look at your shop and give you some feedback on the layout! However, when I attempt to visit your website at https://seinly.com, it appears to be password protected. To allow others to view and provide feedback on your store, you'll need to remove the password. For a detailed guide, Shopify has a helpful article here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/themes/password-page#remove-password-protection-from...


Once the password is removed, feel free to share an update so we can take a look and share our thoughts!


Looking forward to seeing your store!


Lee G

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Hey, Thanks for the reply. Im about go change the shop. So its closed at the Moment😊

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Hi @minaa ,


Well done on getting up to this point.


I used to run multiple e-commerce stores for many years and my flagship store was in Homedecor. Here was my approach to launching a store, I am not saying this is the only way to do it but this is how I approached it.


When launching a new store I focus most of my energy on areas like building supplier relations, product listing, setting up, product images, SEO and keywords, setting up the Google Ads campaign and then picking a decent store template. I will make moderate modifications to the template to fit the brand but I will try to limit it to the minimum, what I have found personally is that changing layouts and getting it perfectly optimised takes time and could potentially block other activities that could be critical to launching the store. 


Once I launch the store and see how people use the store and navigate the pages I will make one change at a time (in most cases) to find how it resonates with the website visitors.


Hope this helps.




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Hi @minaa ,


I found that you have 2 questions in the community to get feedback for your store. I'm so glad that my suggestion be your solution on the question.

Do you get any matter in re-building your site based on my suggestions? If yes, please feel free to let me know. We will discuss more about how to improve it. You can consider using theme or a page builder app to build it easier.

Hope to see your improvements soon.

Kate | PageFly team

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