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Hi all! I have a website thats been around for a while. Looking at our analytics I noticed we have a relatively high bounce rate of 84.50% in the last 90 days on average for all product landing page type. I think this is very high and I want some recommendations on things I might be able to fix? 


My website URL is www.firstsourcewireless.com


Any suggestions would be great!

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Hi @taylorthomas


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder app.


You're doing a great job with your store. I noticed the clear layout, trust signals, and easy navigation during my visit. Bellow are some suggestions that I believe that I will help you. 



A high bounce rate on a website can be caused by a number of issues. Here's what I found on your site:


1. Visitor experience

Your blog posts rank well for important keywords, like "Best Headsets for Plant Tours & Guides in High Noise." However, the content experience needs improvement. Some product links are broken.


This can lead to a high bounce rate for organic visitors from Google.


👉🏼Use a tool to check your top-performing pages and optimize the visitor experience to ensure there are no errors.


2. The target audience

Your products are specialized, not regular consumer items. In some cases, visitors or searchers may not be decision-makers. This isn't necessarily bad, based on my experience.

👉🏼You can follow the process to improve your site and serve the right target audience: 

  • Define customer persona 
  • Find niche keywords based on customer behavior and product search processes within each segment
  • Analyze successful competitors for your niche keywords and learn from their strategies


Based on one of your top-performing keywords, “VHF and UHF”, I would suggest you improve the bellow tactics to boost your conversion rate. 

1. Add a comparing table 

Your collection page briefly describes VHF and UHF two-way radios. However, you can enhance the user experience.


👉🏼Add a table comparing key features of products in the collection. For example: 


2. Add infographic/video to product images

Your product pages could benefit from more visual aids to capture visitor attention. Explain what's included and highlight product features.


👉🏼Add infographics or videos that showcase your products in more detail. For example: 


Continue your excellent work and remain patient. Hope my opinions can help you in your journey. 

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly

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Wow thank you! These are all great ideas that I will be adding to my website.

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Few things:


  • Your products are expensive, People need to know they can trust you. To start you can add trust badges like free shipping, secure checkout etc.
  • Add a phone-number in your header. This helps build trust as well
  • Better product descriptions. Try make them stand out and easy to consume

There's podcast on Spotify called The Dropship Podcast. You might find it helpful -- its all about high-ticket ecommerce.

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Thanks! Ill check the podcast out

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I am piloting a tool to do detailed Website Content Audits for landing Pages (https://www.saleso.ai/product/website-content-feedback-tool ). As a part of that, generated a detailed report for your page here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RSkg_XbNzCjMG30zSA_5pNlZxRYCpMOT/view?usp=sharing. If that is cumbersome, you can also find a summary here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jvBJb1ce0RF5WICClF4JfXvUs0G0aXIR/view?usp=sharing. Particularly, for you, the top fold feedback might be relevant. Hope this is useful to you. If possible, do give me feedback on it.