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High traffic, but low sales, would love feedback to increase conversions for Phoenix Pro

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Hi! We launched Phoenix Pro August 1st. We have had tons of traffic, but very minimal sales. We are a reconditioning solution for cars, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles. I am looking for feedback on things to improve to hopefully increase our conversions. Thank you!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @tayheff.

Thanks for your message, I would be happy to offer you some feedback on your shop. First off, I think you have a really cool design and colour scheme happening. I particularly like your slideshow/main title area with your changing homepage image. Although you definitely have a great colour contrast with the black and red, I would suggest changing your menu-item colour from white, to maybe red as they are blending in with your background image slightly:

Another thing I would suggest is creating an About Us page, this is a good way for customers to get to know your product and brand story and build trust and retention with them. We have a handy guide that talks about writing about pages here, which may be helpful.

In regards to traffic, but no sales, this is quite common when first launching an Online shop. Have you implemented any marketing or promotions for your shop yet, and if so, what type? We have a fantastic guide that talks about Marketing and promotions that is worth a read if you haven't checked it out yet. 

Something else to consider would be, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. People primarily search for products they want to purchase on search engines like Google, Firefox or Bing and there are things you can do to ensure your shop is easier to find when customers do this. 

Here are some factors that can make your online store appear higher in search results:

  • the number of natural (not paid or social media) links pointing to your store from other websites
  • the authority of the website based on engagement and other factors
  • the age of your domain name
  • website structure and content that is optimized for search engines

This information comes directly from our helpful SEO overview guide, which I recommend looking into further if you have yet to do so.

Another great resource for you to review would be this fantastic article, it outlines specific things you can look into if you are noticing traffic but not a lot of sales in your shop, for example:

  1. Is your main navigation easy to use?
  2. Does your visual brand look professional?
  3. Does your homepage have a clear call to action?
  4. Does your website look just as good on your mobile phone?
  5. Are shoppers adding products to their cart?
  6. Are shoppers abandoning their cart?
  7. Are price or payment options stopping them from checking out?

One last suggestion about your homepage would be to consider adding an announcement banner to it. You would use the banner to share important information about your shop, such as:

  • any shipping delays or regions not accepting international shipments
  • any updated or new policy pages
  • any promotions being offered at this time, such as new gift cards

Depending on what Theme you are using for your store, you may be able to add an announcement banner automatically. Feel free to check out our guide here, which walks you through how you can check if your theme has this feature available. If your theme does not have this feature available, you could always use a third-party application to add a banner, here are some examples you could use:

- Bannerfly

- All Announcement Bars and Banners

I hope some of these suggestions help you out moving forward, please feel free to reach back out here if you have any questions at all!

Marty | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @tayheff 

It's PageFly - Landing Page Builder App here and I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts while browsing through your online store. I hope that my recommendations based on 6 years of providing solutions for more than 100.000 merchants can be beneficial to you in improving your store performance.

It's really nice that you have:

- Review section on the home page, it creates more trust

- Have a clear and CTA button on the banner

- Have refund and shipping information

Besides these things, I have some suggestions, I hope they can help you to convert more sales:


- Improve the contrast:

For some parts, I found it's hard to read, so I ran a quick contrast test on For normal text, like the small ones in the review and in footer, it should be improve in order to give visitors a better experience


- Improve the Hero section with Heading that tells which your store is about

I was quite unsure when I landed on your home page, what should be highlighted is the product category or product title. It's great that you mention your store niche from the logo but it's quite small and again the contrast is low, and as a new visitor, I would love to see your product range & name, not the size (the buyers will consider it later if they are curious and learn more about the product)


- Have a section on home page that tells the benefits of your products and the benefits if people buy from you: It seems you have 1 product, which comes in 2 sizes now. So why not having a section that tells about how good it is (more like your promise) in bullet points and via images / videos

If you are interested in more tips and explanation to improve Home page, please check our this guide 


Take this one as example: 

- I found no place that explains the difference between Restoration Kit and No Kit. Though it might seems to be straight-forward to some people, it might confuse the other and make them hesitate to buy. At least, when we clicked on Restoration Kit on the variants, the Kit image will show up. I hope this guide from Shopify will help 

- In the description, you may list what is included in the Restoration Kit and why your customers should be the Kit (like save $$). After all, we all want to increase the Average order value, right? 🙂

- Moreover, you have 30-day return policy, which is great to show in the product page, nearby the Add to cart or Buy now button, it is actually helpful to assure the customers


Besides, you may add favicon to your store: Having a favicon for your store will make your store unique and help customers easily recognize it. You can check this article  to know how to add it (it will cost you around 3 mins)

In summary, 2 main points I suggest you to improve:

- Page contrast => giving higher readability

- Tell more about your product's benefits and highlight it. We have this template, I hope it can be one of your inspiration sources  


If you want more flexibility to personalize your pages, I'd love to introduce our product PageFly Landing Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat. PageFly has a Free plan where you can use all features and create different page types so I hope give us a try.


I hope my comments would be useful, please let me know by giving it a Like. Thank you in advance and I wish you the best of luck!




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PageFly- Advanced Shopify Page Builder - Empowering 100.000+ active merchants.

Check our Back-to-School Marketing Ideas of Best Platforms To Sell Online. 

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Hello @tayheffThis is AiTrillion- an all-in-one integrated marketing platform on Shopify. We are happy to help more than 100k+ Shopify merchants and would love to provide a solution to your questions:

- The product image should be displayed here as shown in the screenshot.


- Give product recommendations on the product page. It helps with upselling. 

Add an announcement bar with a call to action button on it to highlight important information that you don't want your customers to miss out on & make them take action from it.

Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

Add a referral program, it helps in increasing sales and creates brand awareness. You can ask your customers to refer a product to their friends and family. When the product is referred by some known, people tend to purchase the product. The referral program helps in increasing sales. You can give a reward for referring the product to someone.

- Run email campaigns and push campaigns to target your customers. Make your store engaging & interactive. Implement the eCommerce marketing strategies to increase the conversions. 


If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps! 

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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