Holiday/Vacation Mode

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Hi there. I know it’s been requested before, but basically +1-ing a feature request for holiday mode. I understand that we’re able to Pause + Build or Password Protect the site, but neither of these work (at all!) for us. 

First, we don’t need to pause and build. Our site is already built and we are already selling.


Second, anything that stops allowing customers to see OUR ENTIRE SITE just because we aren’t selling for a week or two is detrimental to business. 

We are a store that only offers pick-ups or local delivery (not shipping) and all of our language is clear that we do those fulfillment days each Thursday. We have said that we don’t do it during holiday weeks, but in order to keep our whole website functional during weeks we’re off, we’d have to manually pause/skip each individual subscription order and also refund any one-time orders that come thru.


it should be obvious, we think, that not being able to purchase for a week should not mean that people can’t see our entire site. In particular, we have a “Find It Near You” page we direct people to so that they can see where to pick our product up during weeks we’re not fulfilling orders ourselves.


Please, please add a feature where users can still see our store (AND our products), but will be kept from purchasing and we can edit text that alerts them that we’re on holiday, but when they can return to the store. I imagine that could work as a pop-up or warning text of some kind.


Thanks so much.

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A simple solution will be to disable the 'Add to cart' button temporarily OR just set all your products to out of stock. That's it, you don't need any feature request here. Your developer can do this for you.

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That's not what we want Jazz-Jay.  We want a nice friendly note that explains that we are on vacation, or taking a break - or whatever we want it to say - and have that displayed throughout the store so folks can still shop but not be frustrated or confused with a disabled checkout.

A tip setting was implemented - but not a way to simply and professionally put the store on "vacation" mode - not pause and build.  This is crazy that we still don't have this.

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Yes, exactly. Thanks for the advice, but it is actually still needed as a feature request. Users are confused if the Add to Cart button is just disabled and we don't want to have to zero out our inventory every time because we'd like to keep our inventory count accurate *and* to not have to manually add and remove that when we're on vacation. Though, again, even with that, customers don't understand when everything is out of stock for long enough, and won't know when to come back to purchase without an ability to explain.

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What about selling the items when you are away? You can do this on Amazon with a restock date.

Not everyone can afford not to make money when they are on vacation. Shop owners do not have paid vacation, remember.

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I agree, why do I have to load in expensive apps or go though all those hoops when I just want to go on vacation? 

I want to set a restock date, then put the items on sale, then when I am gone pre-sell the items and fill the orders when I get back.


I don't want an app that wants to email my buyers, how many email apps am I supposed to have? Almost very app wants to email the buyers. 


Less is more!