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hi there

I was wondering if there is a way to display ALL CATEGORIES on the HOME PAGE when it opens up ?

that is not by clicking on a link - but to open up and show ALL CATEGORIES ?

you help would be appreciated 

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Dear @LawrenceM 


Hope creating "Featured collection" will help you.

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I am not looking to add a featured collection
What I want to display on the home page is to show ALL CATEGORIES
It there is a link on the home page that says Show All Categories >
I don't want to show the link but rather the results when clicking the link
So if I have 30 collections - then all 30 collections will display on the home page when it opens up
A saw a post about displaying collections.all
What is the source code to display collections.all on the home page in index.liquid

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I found this source code example below that displays all collections in my store and I inserted in into index.fluid

But it lists all the collections in a single column – how do I change this to display in 6 columns with many rows ?



  {%- for collection in collections -%}



        These control flow tags check to see if there is a featured image for a collection.

        If there isn't one, then we assign the image from the first product in the collection.


      {%- if collection.image -%}

        {%- assign collection_image = collection.image -%}

      {%- elsif collection.products.first and collection.products.first.images != empty -%}

        {%- assign collection_image = collection.products.first.featured_image -%}

      {%- else -%}

        {%- assign collection_image = blank -%}

      {%- endif -%}

      <a href="{{ collection.url }}">

        <img src="{{ collection_image | img_url: '480x' }}" alt="">

        {{ collection.title }}



  {%- endfor -%}