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Honest feedback from my store

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Hey, Shopify community! I have run a lot of Facebook ads, and I have visitors and clicks but just a few sales... It’s frustrating and I can't figure out why I don’t get more sales. Could you visit my store: and give me honest feedback/figure out where the problem is? Thank you! ☺️

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Hello @Cjeers 


I've gone deeply through your store and it looks so impressive i must say but while going through it, i discovered some things which i guess you don't notice:
1- FAQ page : They are a great way for customers to get quick answers to their questions, and may help to encourage them to purchase your products as they will have more confidence in your store after having their concerns addressed.
2- Retention funnel: this is a funnel that helps to nuture and manage the traffic visting your store, for example you need to set up a sign up form or pop up form by which you can be able to
generate the leads of subscribers after which we can now set up a campaign and News letter so that you can be able to reach out to your subscribers and let them know if there is New product to purchase, this will turn the visitors to potential buyers or customers.

3- Multiple Landing Pages
Try to capture customers at different levels of awareness. The way it's is kind of Cumbersome, you can actually set in different sections in the navigation bar to direct us to those different products.
• Set up a page for each product or service
• Include relevant keywords to target different needs
This enhances your quality score, ad rank and gives better customer service.


All these need to be done before you start running ads, which will now be the final work to properly Inform the general public what is ongoing in your store.


I hope the above is useful to you.
Best regards,
GemPages Support Team

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Hi @Cjeers ,


This is Victor from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App. After looking into your store, I have some comments below and hope that you can consider them to improve your site.



1. Make a sticky header

A sticky header allows customers to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements whenever they scroll up or down on the page.



2. Center color variant and button

To make the product details look more professional, you should display product title, price, color and button aligned together.




1. Style Product Price to Be Highly Visible

Without a clear price, users cannot evaluate a critical aspect of the product. You should place the product price in the “Buy” section and increase its visibility by using a large font size (similar in size to the product headline), bold text style, or eye-catching color.




2. Add related product list in product page

By adding the product list that is related to the main product, you can cross-sell your product in one page. You can refer to the example below:



Hope my suggestions will help you improve your store and increase your sale!


Warmest regards,

Victor | PageFly

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Hi @Cjeers ,

This is QuickCEP, an automated and refined marketing software that can help you boost sales.

Just checked your webpage, the overall vibe is pretty, but there are some of the issues that you need to pay attention to, hope the suggestions below could help you out.



The function of banner is to provide the customers an immersive atmosphere, give your customers a good first impression. The picture of the banner is not attractive enough. There are a few reasons why making a banner attractive can be important for an online store:

  • capture the attention of visitors and draw them into the store.
  • convey the store's brand and personality, and give visitors a sense of what they can expect from the store.
  • help to highlight promotions, sales, or other important information that the store wants to communicate to visitors.
  • help to improve the overall user experience by making the store's website more visually appealing.


Add “shop now” button

A "shop now" button can be a good choice for a call-to-action (CTA) button on an online store, as it clearly communicates the action that the store wants visitors to take. By clicking the button, visitors are taken directly to the store's product pages, where they can browse and make a purchase.


However, it's important to keep in mind that the specific wording and design of a CTA button can have an impact on its effectiveness. In general, CTA buttons that are clear, concise, and action-oriented tend to perform well. It's also a good idea to A/B test different versions of the CTA button to see which one performs the best.



Marketing strategy

When I visited your website, there wasn’t any marketing action happened. I suggest you add some pop-up window functions, (for example add the product discount information on the pop-up windows), so as to increase the probability of users leaving email addresses. Later, use email marketing to facilitate customer conversion, which is also the marketing method that most stores are currently using. The specific example is shown in the figure below:



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Best Regards,


QuickCEP -is an application to help you boost the sales, it includes the functions of social media chat, Live Chat, Popup, Email, marketing automation, CDP, etc.
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Hi @Cjeers!

I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!

This is MS Web Designer (Top Rated Shopify Certified Experts and eCommerce Consultant from India & Singapore).

Thank you for sharing your store URL as this allowed me to go through your website. You have a nice store!


Mentioning a few pointers that I think will be useful:

- I'm still not sure if the website is for hair removal or hair growth. The products say hair removal while the pictures say otherwise. Example:





- Catalog Page items are not descriptive enough. What I mean is, i'm not sure what the products do when I see the name. The customer is forced to go into the Product Page and read to know what the item is used for. Pic below:



- Consider using the 'Coupon Discount on Cart' App from the Shopify App store for all your discounting needs. This App shows all available discounts to the customer right at Cart Page in popup mode. Thus boosting sales.

- Speed Optimization is recommended for your website as its scoring 23 on mobiles and 62 on desktops. A fast website scores 90+. This affects your search engine ranking.




As for Sales:

- Are customers adding items to cart? This shows customer are interested in your products and your marketing is correct.

- Are customers abandoning their cart? This means there might be a payment issue. Like not providing enough payment gateways.

- Are your products priced competitively?

- Consider taking help from Micro Influencers as they can sway their followers into buying from you. Thus creating brand awareness!


That's about all I could notice from a glance at your store.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want a free website audit! Email address mentioned below in the signature.
We'd love to assist you in any way possible!


Best of luck and Regards!

MS Web Designer

Shopify Experts.

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Hello @Cjeers,

This is flareAI: your Fully Automated Free Sales Machine. I hope you're having a good day. We are helping Shopify Merchants grow their store presence in Google and other major sales channels and generate sales of $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

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I truly hope my suggestions will help you with the best solution.

1. Add the Home page link at the starting of the main menu.
2. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website. See shopify help here.
3. Add more detailed product description in product pages. The product description should provide visitors with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they are motivated to buy.
Full suit in merino wool & eco bamboo Copper (for eczema and challenged skin) – Asthma Allergy Shop 2023-01-05 04-34-52.png
4. Add more detailed filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)
5. Add sorting feature in collection pages for changing the order of any product listing whereby users can choose which criteria they want the products to be listed by.
6. Add average ratings for each product
Including both user rating and number of ratings on the products will help users to make decision whether to buy your product or not.
7. Use Trust Badges in the footer
Trust badges are crucial for every eCommerce store. Display small images of credit cards and other payment options in the footer.

For getting better conversions, make sure your store products are Found on Google. Note that once a URL gets found, customers will start finding your store through organic searches, you will start getting order conversions for virtually zero cost. flareAI helps to get your new products found on Google. Get sales from Google and 20+ world's largest free sales channels, Single click start!

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