How can I allow customers to customize charm bracelets on my site?

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Hi everyone, 


Shopify newbie here, so I essentially make bracelets and I'm looking to have an option on my page that they can select the charms they want and make a  custom charm bracelet using the charms already listed on the site. I would need it to be a custom price also instead of the pricing that one bracelet with a charm costs. 

For example:

You want to add a letter, flower, and paw print to a bracelet. I have listings for all of those separately right now (I offer about different 50 charms on my page) so they would each cost $10. I want you to be able to customize a bracelet by adding three charms of your choosing from my entire site and the cost of that bracelet to be $25 instead of the $30 it would've been to order them all separate.  


I would like this custom option so that I know what charms have to go on what bracelet in an order and so that the prices can be adjusted without using a code or having to email me. 


Thanks everyone, 

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Hi @ellieandcocharm how are you?


That`s a great idea to offer with the customers. 

In order to this set up you should install and configure an app. You can find it in the app store. 


To consider: 

  • The app should deployed to Shopify. 
  • Sometimes the apps modified the code on your store, so you have to be sure on that. 

Sometimes this kind of apps needs some code configuration so we are glad to help just in case that you need it. 


Have a great day!

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Hello, this is the app you need to do what you describe:

There are other options as well but this is one of the more popular choices.

Hope that helps!

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Hello @ellieandcocharm,

If you want to offer options for the bracelets, you can do it using the Inkybay-Product personalizer app. With this, you can add unlimited options on your product page and assign prices on that. Not only this, you can choose different styles to show the options on the product page like a swatch, checkbox, drop-down, radio button etc. If you want to check the sample product, feel free to knock me.Custom Mug-Inkybay.png


Emilia7 | eFoli
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Hi @ellieandcocharm,

For your specific requirements, the Easify Product Options app stands out as an ideal solution. It provides an extensive selection of 26 option display types, ranging from image swatches and dropdowns to buttons, product lists, checkboxes, text fields, and many more. This diverse array allows you to dynamically showcase your product options with creativity 🤗.

To offer you a glimpse of its capabilities, here are a few examples of products featuring numerous options, similar to what you're dealing with:

 Engraved Charm Bracelet:

rf.pngEngraved Necklace:


The app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring an in-app live preview for seamless customization. Hope you can give it a try!


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