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How can i connect Product description link in collection page??

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Hi, I'm going to make a shopping mall and i need to link a datasheet in the collection page, not the product page. 

I already added a link in product-description, and i want to call the url.


This is my code in the collection-template.liquid. 

I did a product.description link but this makes some problem.


As you see, if there is another description, it appears on the collection page.


I want to have just name, price and datasheet tap and the "datasheet" tap has to have a product-description-link if product-description-link exists.


What's the name of description link in database?

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Thanks for the answer.

However, I'm wondering the name of dataspace that stores

I think there is a name that stores the link in description.

And I want to use the name in the html..