How can I enhance my online store's performance?

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What areas can I improve? I am open to all critiques and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @veiiapparel ,


I have listed few suggestions based on my first impression of your site.


1. The main hero banner of home page is not optimized. The call to action button is not eye catchy. Also the slider slides automatically in very less interval of time.


2. Favicon not visible.



3. Add a color swatch



4. Reposition upsell items above the review section.



5. Add floating Add to cart button, so that users can add product to the cart easily on mobile device.

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Hi @veiiapparel,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App


Your store looks stunning and I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. I do have only 2 following recommendations to make it even better:


1. Search bar


When users click on the search icon, they will be redirected to a blank page, which will later display the products, blog posts, etc. related to the keywords they typed in. However, this flow would obstruct their navigation journey on your page and might also create unnecessary confusion. 




My advice here is to minimize it into a drop-down right in the search bar. By doing this, visitors can easily navigate on your page and quickly find the products they are looking for. Besides, when visitors have not entered any keywords, you can also add most popular/searched products instead of displaying only a blank page.






2. Brand's policies


You should also let your visitors know what your policies are before they decided to make a purchase. It is a great way to set clear expectations and minimize any unpleasant surprises for your customers. Here are some examples of common policies that you can use (depending on your business)

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • 10-day delivery guarantee in the US
  • Secured checkout


These policies usually go along with the user testimonials or to be placed the end of your page.


Last but not least, if you are also looking for a ticket management system, you can give MooseDesk a try. MooseDesk is currently FREE for all early birds with 24/7 dedicated support, which would help you answers all the questions and explain why MooseDesk is suitable for your business. 



So those are my recommendations for your store. Hope it brings you some new insights.


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Once again, thank you! 

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Hi @veiiapparel ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

Congratulations on your store! The website is pretty, you have must put many efforts on it. I'd love to share some suggestions as hereby:


1. Improve your site speed

To increase the customer's experience, you should improve your site appearance and speed. I've check your homepage's speed by Google Page Speed Insight, you can see that your performance score is quite low on both mobile or desktop:


We can find here the problem affecting the Speed index and some suggestions to improve your page speed:

  • The biggest opportunity to improve your speed is "Serve images in next-gen formats". The solution is optimizing your images and delayed loading of off-screen images. One of suggestions for you about reducing interaction time. You can use some of the image optimization tools like: ImageOptim, Shopify Online Image Resizer, or And If you have images that go with .PNG file, you can convert them to .JPG or .JPEG files
  • Besides, other dramatical reasons are JavaScript, CSS code and your server's initial response time… Please check your theme.liquid file and remove unused JavaScript. Resources are blocking the first impression of the page. Consider delivering important JS / Inline Styles (CSS) and deferring any non-critical JS / styles. You can click to this field on report for more detail.
    Find more detail by checking that tool carefully:


2. Improve your Homepage by:

  • Adding more clear Call to Action (CTA) an all pages: Provide a clear next step for customers, such as proceeding to checkout. Your buttons on your homepage now is so unnoticeable:

    Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 15.17.42.png


  • Adding favicon to your store: Having a favicon for your store will make your store unique and help customers easily recognize it. You can check this article to know how to add it:

3. Don't forget to prepare for upcoming sales season

As we approach the festive season, businesses are already gearing up for major events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's crucial to start your preparations early. Consider that candles could make a delightful gift option for merchants. Here are some tips for you:

  • Exclusive holiday promotions: Craft special holiday promotions, discounts, or unique deals to captivate potential customers. Ensure these offers take center stage on your website to grab the attention of prospective buyers. Here is a sample:


  • Curated gift guides: Develop holiday-themed gift guides or personalized product recommendations to assist shoppers in finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Organize products by interests, budgets, or recipients to streamline the shopping experience. This thoughtful approach can significantly enhance their shopping journey.

These are some suggestions for improving the design. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team


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