How can I improve my Euphoria Supply Co. women's fashion store?

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Hello everyone,


I recently opened my e-commerce store selling women's fashion, Euphoria Supply Co. Please share your feedback and any improvements I can make to my store.


Thank you,

Nathan N

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You can definitely improve the product page:

- list benefits

- add compelling value proposition

- use color swatches instead of plain text

- make the add to cart button stand out

- customize the sale tag to inform customers how much they save by purchasing

- add payment icons under the Buy Buttons. Most people won't scroll all the way down to the footer.

- add a size chart

- add an accordion

- add trust seals, testimonials, social proof

- add a review app as there's no way for customers to leave a review

- add FAQ section


Let me know if you need help with this!

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Do you have any suggestions for how I can add trust seals, testimonials, or social proof to build credibility with the audience? This is a new store with no sales or customers yet, so it is difficult to provide social proof for a store that doesn't have any sales, do you have any suggestions for how I can do this?




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First of all, I like the look of your store! Have you thought of asking your customers for feedback for improvement? 

Gojiberry is a free to use survey & feedback app that might just fit what you are looking for! Our survey appears on the check-out page — the responses are then collected into our analytical dashboard to give you good insights. You can use our 5-seconds test feature to gather design feedback directly from your customers. Also you can award your customers with points/coupons to thank them for participation and keep them coming back to your store. 


You can check out our app here: 

Happy to talk if you have any questions! 

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Shopify Community is helpful, BUT... why not start asking your customers for feedback instead?

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