How can I improve my new electronics store

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Hello I've my new electronics store, I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. I am ready to run ads and I want to make sure that they perform well and people have the best outlook and experience on the site. 


Thank you

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The store is nice and attractive but I'll urge you to redesign your Pop up form, so it's design will meet your store's attractiveness.

Which social platform do you want to start with for the Ads?

I can help with it in terms of demographic research, Ad copy, Ads video, Ads setup and Ads management to ensure the ads perform well.

If this works, kindly give it a like or mark it as a solution but if it doesn't, kindly reach out to me

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The store layout looks great. I would try to implement some sort of uniformity on your prices. As a consumer, when I see a product priced at something random like "$51.14" it doesn't give me full comfortability with the legitimacy of the product or storefront.


Other than that the color scheme and layout look great!

Best of luck.

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Hello @techopta ,


Your site looks amazing, here is only a few suggestions that we think you can take a look to improve your store site and increase the conversion rate.


1. Make your header sticky:

It's great to see you make your header sticky, however, it'd be much more better if you can also make the menu sticky.


2. CTA buttons:

Edit your CTA buttons to make it bigger and looks clickable. 

Make sure all your CTA buttons have the same style and align evenly if they're in the same section.


3. Alignment:

Make sure all the texts in the same section align evenly together, this will make your store looks more professional.


4. Blank space:

Seems like the drop-down menu of your "Product" page is blank, or the text color has been gone white. If you don't create a drop-down menu, then you can consider to remove it.

In your product page, there is a white space at the middle of the page, this can affect the site speed. You can consider to remove this blank space.


Hope these suggestions can help. Let us know if you need any further support.

OneCommerce team.


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