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How can I improve my new kitchen appliances online store?

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Hi, I am a new Shopify store owner and I am looking for feedback on my store. We sell assorted kitchen appliances from sandwich cutters to rice makers. In the last week, I have been working on driving customers to my store, but have not yet seen my first sale. I have primarily been using TikTok ads for advertising, but these ads are becoming spendy for my budget. I would like to ask you to review my store and to give your opinion on what you think needs improvement. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

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You can try to runs Google ads. Recommend you add reviews to your products also. 

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Hello @Ratedappliances,

I am Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $7Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot. I am here to support you.

I've taken a look at your store and found there are quite a few things which if added can increase sales.

1. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website. See shopify help here
2. Through consistent and high-quality blogging, you can improve your website's search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and establish your brand as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source in your industry. By focusing on creating valuable content that addresses your readers' needs, you can build a loyal following and boost your online influence.
3. Remove Powered by Shopify from footer and add your own branding to your store footer.
4. It would be advisable to incorporate an 'Checkout' choice for individual items on your website also.
5. Developing an optimal SEO product title and URL can assist search engines in accurately identifying your products and increasing traffic to your online store. Hence, strive to create distinctive and precise product titles and URLs.
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6. Make your product pages more informative by adding detailed product descriptions that outline the features and benefits of your products. Providing this valuable information can help increase customer engagement and encourage sales.
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7. A FAQ would be useful to provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision and also to reduce the time your employees need to answer simple questions.

I trust this will be of benefit to you. If you find the answer helpful give it a Like and ✓ Mark it as an Accepted Solution.


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Hi there, 


1. Where are you located and where are your products shipping from? Having a physical address would make you seem more real and trustworthy. If you are just drop shipping, what country is your target market? 


2. In your footer, is that a valid phone number? Also, the email address in the footer doesn't seem valid.

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Hi @Ratedappliances 

Garcia from the landing page builder app PageFly here!

Regarding your new store, congratulations! Although I think it looks fantastic, I have some suggestions that might help you increase your conversion rate (CRO).


1. Have a favicon for your store

Short for “favorite icon,”' favicons are commonly displayed on tabs at the top of a web browser,—but they're also found on your browser's bookmark bar, history and in search results, alongside the page url.  


Having a favicon visible helps your users save time by allowing them to identify and browse your website without difficulties. You can try to use a favicon as your logo.


2. Add a CTA button to the homepage's featured product collection

The fact that you do have a section for your best sellers is advantageous. However, the CTA button is essential for winning over clients. Without clear CTAs, users could find it challenging to grasp how to make a purchase or sign up for a subscription.


Also, please don’t forget to highlight this CTA button.


3. Edit  product description

We avoid setting up product images like that, because it is not good for customers to see and then, will affect the UX and conversion rates. 


I recognized that all the images on your product description were already in the product media. You can consider removing it or put it in the Product Details section to pop-up it later. 



4. Get benefits from the holiday season

Consider the following proactive measures in addition to the advice you've already employed to make sure you're well prepared to increase conversions for upcoming marketing campaigns, such as BFCM seasons (Black Friday - Cyber Monday), Halloween, etc.


  • "Holiday Hosting Essentials" Campaign: Create a bundle of products for hosting holiday dinners, including roasting pans, serving platters, and carving sets.
  • "New Cook's Starter Kit" Deals: Offer beginner-friendly cooking sets, kitchen gadgets, and cookbooks. Position them as ideal gifts for aspiring chefs.
  • "BFCM Chef's Picks" Gift Guide: Create a gift guide featuring top-rated and recommended kitchen products. Help shoppers discover the best items for their culinary needs.

Remember to use high-quality images, clear value propositions, and a sense of urgency in your campaigns. Utilize email marketing, social media posts, and online ads to reach your target audience effectively during the BFCM period.


And that's my opinion. I hope it increases your conversion rate.



Garcia | Team PageFly

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is it possible to convert my wordpress website which is affiliate store and informational blog too. I want to convert it on shopify and want to generate leads through shopify - So is it possible? how to migrate Juicer Hunter website to shopify without losing ranking ?